Saturday, 17 October 2009

DIY Anal Sac Expression

I didn't know that something other than poop and stinks a hundred times more could come out of my dog's rectum. Last September I visited my dogs in Iloilo City and discovered for the first time their anal sacs. These are two glands just under the skin, at either side of the dog's anus. Squeeze them together using your thumb and index finger, the Animal Doctor instructed over the phone. Lo and behold, a pasty material, pretty much like toothpaste coming out of a tube, oozed before my eyes.

Normally, the anal sacs empty by itself when dogs defecate or do scent marking. When this does not happen for some dogs, their anal sacs become impacted driving them to scoot or incessantly lick their rear in an effort to empty the glands. An abscess can form and rupture and may even bring about an infection.

It was quite a heady experience learning to express the anal glands and relieve my dog of her discomfort. But if you are no fan of Pepe Le Pew, then I guess let the Vet do it.

Friday, 2 October 2009

Jappy's Bark

We are still stuck in our evacuation center ( a.k.a Greenwoods Pet Clinic), can you dogs believe it? They say the city's drainage system is clogged with garbage and water lilies thats why its taking forever for the flood to disappear from our streets. Buhuhu.

The Secretary visited us today and in particular, read me a story about the Great Flood.It gave me an idea...

Jappy's 72 hours survival kit:
1. mineral water
2. treats, biscuits, ready to eat food
3. toys
4. pillows
5. fart bottle ( to survive Moy's lethal gas)

Our Dogs in Iloilo City