Wednesday, 28 April 2010

I have a present!

I am so excited to finally be able to tell you about the present I got from Princess Coco's Mom. This is supposed to be a Christmas present but my package came all the way from California and traveled via sea for almost two months before it reached my country** I only got to open it in March.

As you can see I am overly excited here. Coco's Mom must have noticed me sleeping on our kitchen floor, so she sent me this nice, comfy bed. Actually, I love how the floor tile cools my belly, but my habit has taken a toll on my elbows which is now thickened with callouses.

Coco's Mom also sent us something that made the Secretary so happy: Washable urine proof pads! As most of you know, my disability requires me to wear diapers for the rest of my life. Once I had to stop wearing them for a while because I developed a nasty wound from my rashes. I was so guilty for giving my nanny so many soiled beddings and towels to wash. The Secretary scoured the department stores for these water proof pads but didnt find any.

I like this bed, is it obvious?

I have something soft to lie on when its time for me to shift positions.

Thank you very much, Coco's Mom!!!

Secretary's Note: Coco's Mom was very kind to deliver Scarlet's present to my best friend in California, who took care of shipping it to the Philippines via a "balikbayan box". This is a cheaper way of sending things to our country plus the recipient will not have to pay customs duties. Scarlet's wheelies were sent via UPS and Customs initially required us to pay Philippine Peso 7,000 ( which is my dog's food allowance for one month!) even though the wheelchair was only donated. It was a good thing that the Customs Collector was a nice guy who listened to my pleas.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Tearful Thursday

We have been so far behind with blogging. There are many exciting stories we want to tell you, friends, but there's just so little time. I do manage to read your blogs so I could keep my doggies updated with your adventures. It makes me sad, though, not to be able to leave comments . Life is short, we'll never know the last time we can say hello and make our friends feel how much they are cherished. This was my thought when I chided myself yesterday. Then I got text message from a number I did not recognize ( I am using a new phone). It said: _____, Bogart died!

I froze. For a moment, I could not remember if Bogart was a person or a friend's pet. Then it hit me, Oh no! I called up the number, certain it was Keeper Lui.

Bogart lived a good nine years here on earth. He, his brother Sweepy, popsy Sumo, and Keeper Lui are our virtual friends through blogging. As the initial shock subsides, I now feel a pang of sadness in my heart. I can only imagine what Keeper Lui feels, and the rest of the residents of Heaven Street where they live ( the other keepers, Sweepy, Sumo, Mr. Leach, Mr. Froggy, Yvonne and the rest of the trees, flowers, plants, and even the neighbor's dog). My own doggies havent learned of this sad news yet.

In Heaven they came to know our scents too.
These flowers like my scent and I like theirs too.
They smell like they lived for a long time.
They bloom, fade and repeat the same for so long.
- From Bogart's Blog

You too will live for a long time in our hearts, Bogart. Smell the flowers for me in Heaven above.

Our Dogs in Iloilo City