Friday, 29 January 2010

Presenting, My Spankin' New Wheelies!

Just a sneak preview, I know my friends are all excited and happy for me.

I am improvising with a towel under my chin because my wheelies did not come with a headrest. But no worries, Eddie's Wheels already promised to take care of this little glitch and send me one very soon.

Check out my front stirrups

Check out the view from my back

All the discomfort I endured ( Mom measured me one too many times!) was all worth it because my wheelies fit well. Job well done, Eddie's Wheels!

Wait, did you just say Walkies?

My first time to take an evening walk in our street... I dedicate my first "step" in sweet memory of Scarlett, our friend Evie's dog.

Well, this is it, my dream is finally happening! My little heart is bursting with gratitude to Labrador Life Line Organization who assisted me financially in the purchase of my wheels; and especially to its kind volunteer Teri Askew, my hooman angel who made it possible for my little voice to be heard among throngs of desperate and needy animals.

I am very much thankful to my friends, old and new, whom I met through the internet and in the real world. Some of them helped me put up the remaining funds needed to purchase and ship my wheels:

Jeff Sullivan
Teddy and Mom

Lorenza and her Mom
Mango the Maltese Kiddo
Anne Fernandez
Ruby and Penny
LeeTal and her chihuahuas
River and his Mom
Belle's Mom
Moy,Jappy,Trudis, Bambi,Woody, and Pussy
Catherine, Lex and Snap
Aki, Poopie, and Manang
Piappies World
Asta fwom New Yowk
Jasper and Ruth
Caroline Wong
Siku Marie

While some unselfishly dedicated a page or spot in their websites to spread my story, sending donors and well wishers my way:

Poopie and Akie
Charlie the Spitz from Mandaluyong
Teddy the Poodle
Sundae on Pampered Pets
Life with Dogs

And the rest gave me much needed cheers and encouragement which got me and Mom going:

Wild Dingo
Prints the Cat
Hound Tooth
Scout and Freyja
Oz Girl
Amy from the House of Cats
Digby and Prinnie
Lancaster the Puppy

From the bottom of my heart, and in behalf of my family, I thank you all. We will be back to post pictures, visit your blog and reply to your wonderful comments as soon as my Mom gets over her excitement.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Decision on our Appeal

YAY! The Customs Collector turned out to be a good guy. At 4:53 PM today, he personally called the Secretary to inform that my wheelchair will no longer be subjected to customs duties so UPS may proceed to deliver it.

Good thing the Secretary was able to catch him on the phone earlier. She realized we needed to change strategy because raising legal arguments will involve bureaucratic processes that will only prolong our agony. So the Secretary did the next best thing: BEG. Yes, she told the Customs Collector that she will beg if she had to so he would take pity on me.

The appeal to emotions worked, and we get to keep our one month food allowance( which we would have ended paying to the Bureau of Customs).

Hurray to the Power of Paws- The power in believing that anything can be possible for as long as we don't give up.We doggies and kitties know it by heart, my hoomans learned through the saga of my wheelchair.

I am still crossing my paws but I think I can face any more challenge that will come in the way between me and my wheelies. Thank you my dear friends, you know who you are. You give me strength.

Mom's Appeal to the Customs Collector*

January 25, 2010


Special Deputy Collector

Bureau of Customs

Clark, Pampangga

Re: Airway Bill No. XXXXXXX


This refers to my shipment covered by above captioned airway bill number. I was informed by UPS that said shipment has been assessed an import duty of P7, 000 more or less. Delivery is being put on hold unless I signify my willingness to pay.

I write this letter to appeal for a reconsideration, and that I be exempt from payment of import duties. The item shipped is a veterinary quad cart for Scarlet, a dog who suffers from quadriplegia. I have been taking care of Scarlet for two years already, after her owners rejected her because of this disability.

The quadcart was purchased in part through a funding by Labrador Life Line( LLL), an organization in the US helping disabled dogs. Attached (Annex “A”) is a copy of the notice of approval emailed to me by LLL. The amount of 500US$ was directly paid by LLL to Eddie’s Wheels, while remaining balance of the purchase price was paid by me using funds I raised. Attached ( Annex “B”) is a print out of my PayPal transaction history showing the donations we received from people who all wanted to help Scarlet overcome her disability and enjoy a quality life. It is only Scarlet who will benefit from this wheelchair. Neither I or anyone will profit from this.

On my own, I do not have the money to purchase Scarlet’s wheels. I do not have the money to pay P7,000 plus on import duties. Scarlet is just lucky to benefit from the generosity of other people, and the thought of having to pay the government to get her donated wheelchair, is very, very disheartening, to say the least.

Section 105 of the Tariff and Customs Code of the Philippines enumerates the following exemption to the payment of customs duties, to wit:

r. Scientific apparatus, instruments and utensils specially imported for the bona fide use and by the order of any society or institution incorporated or established solely for educational, scientific, or charitable purposes, or for the encouragement of the fine arts, or for the bona fide use and by the order of any institution of learning in the Philippines, and not for barter, sale or hire.

u. Articles donated to public or private institutions established solely for educational, scientific, cultural, charitable, health, relief, philanthropic or religious purposes, for free distribution among, or exclusive use of, the needy.

With all humility, I appeal to you. Please consider that Scarlet’s wheelchair is similar or analogous to the above articles and importation that merit an exemption.

*We have submitted this already and waiting for the decision of the Customs Collector. Thank you for the positive vibes you have sent to me. Still keeping my fingers crossed.

Monday, 25 January 2010

The Saga of my Wheels

They say they will not deliver my wheels if I dont pay P7,000 in customs duty! That is already our food expense for one month! I am just lucky to have come across compassionate people who wanted to make my dreams come true, but now our government could take that away from me.
The Secretary is busy making our letter of appeal to the Customs Collector, I'm crossing my paws.
A Sad Scarlet

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Tracking my wheels

My wheels came from a far place, and has travelled to different places before it will reach me, hopefully on tuesday. It will be my best buddy for life, and I'm sure I will go places with it.



CHEK LAP KOK, HK 23/01/2010 13:36 ARRIVAL SCAN


22/01/2010 5:54 ARRIVAL SCAN

22/01/2010 0:01 ARRIVAL SCAN

21/01/2010 20:35 ARRIVAL SCAN

21/01/2010 18:34 ORIGIN SCAN


Friday, 22 January 2010

YAY! My wheels due to arrive on Jan. 26th!

Wohooooo! My wheels are now in transit. The UPS people gave us a tracking number so we are able to monitor where my package is. I still can't believe my dream is coming true, thank you so much my friends!

Scarlet, crossing her paws :)

Thursday, 21 January 2010


Its been weeks since I last heard from my friend Albar. Tonight, of all days in the calendar, i decided to text him. Turns out, it was his dog, Jozu's bithday! Jozu must have sent me a telepathic vibe so I would greet him. How big are you now, little guy?
- The Secretary

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Scarlet's Note: Please excuse our Secretary, she got someone out of jail and can't keep the story to herself.

Secretary's Note:

It was two years ago when I first saw Bam ( not his real name). The Animal Doc was driving me to work, when we passed by Bam's house and spotted his small wire cage. That was where I saw him the following day and every single day that I went to work.

I felt sad for Bam. On Christmas 2008, I wrapped him a gift consisting of food bowl and treats, with a note wishing he could get out of his cage soon. I was elated when Bam actually used the food bowl, but he did not get his reprieve.

Christmas 2009, I again dropped him a gift. It was a leash and collar, with a note letting him know how sad I was to see him imprisoned, and that it was my Christmas wish for him to be freed from time to time and be taken out for walks.

I almost forgot about him, but when I went back to work this January, a surprise was waiting for me. Yes, Bam outside his cage! I was so excited that I called the Animal Doctor from work and begged him to take pictures ( Please excuse the blurry images) for my remembrance. And bring some treats, I squealed.

Goodbye Prison, I hope I never see you again!

Hello walkies! Lorenza, will you be my date?

But the Animal Doc is not so good with detective work and was caught by Bam's owner. He had to come clean and admit that we were the ones dropping gifts to their dog. Lucky for him, Bam's hooman did not call the police. She welcomed our gestures, though unsolicited. She also told us that she wont be keeping Bam inside his cage anymore.Tomorrow, the Animal Doc will go back to give Bam his vaccines, while I might take him out for a walkie myself

It has always been my habit to observe dogs when I'm on the road. Some images amuse me, but some can be ugly. I used to close my eyes because the only way that I could avoid tormenting myself with these images, is to pretend that they are not happening. But not anymore today. It gives me courage to confront animal suffering knowing that I could do something about it if I chose to.

Looking back to a year of sacrifices and hard work for animals in need, I want to thank the one person who truly deserves much of the credit: the Animal Doctor. By providing his facilities, expertise and services, as well as immense patience and understanding, he has empowered me to realize my Purpose in life. Now I see the full benefits of marrying a veterinarian. LOL.

P.S. Talking about gifts, big thanks to Charlie's Mom for sending gifts to our dogs. For the past two christmasses, they have not been getting any gifts from us because we told them its better to give than receive. Im sure Moy would stop whining and throwing words like "lame".

Thanks to Sweepy, Popsy Sumo and Bogart who sent us a lovely christmas story via email. Thanks for all our friends who sent us lovely cards and greetings last holiday. May 2010 be a wonderful year for all of us. :)

Monday, 4 January 2010

Gone to Boracay

We apologize for not visiting your blog and leaving comments because our hoomans went on a holiday vacation to Boracay. This tourist destination is known all over the world for its white sandy beaches. Mom had to borrow a picture from the internet to show you. Oh, she did bring her Nikon DSLR with her, but the only picture she took was that of this cat outside their hotel room. Lame.

P. S.

Boracay is about 5 hours drive from the city of Iloilo, which is the Secretary's hometown.The Animal Doc mentioned that Mom kept fretting during their trip because dogs loitered in the highway and seemed to be oblivious of speeding busses, trucks and cars behind them. Fortunately the hoomans did not see any fresh road kill.

Mom said the dogs in the rural areas were taller and more muscular than city stray dogs. Food is probably sufficient because people in the farm keep livestocks and grow their own rice and vegetables. The fields are also vast enough for dogs to run and exercise. Mom saw a dog running down a hill. She also saw dog trying to engage a carabao to play. The poor dog was play bowing repeatedly, but the big black beast just ignored him. It was a funny sight, Mom goshed.

I wish city dogs like us could one day go to the farm, smell fresh clean air, and run like crazy in the rice fields. But I would like to see the beach, before anything else.


Our Dogs in Iloilo City