Friday, 29 January 2010

Presenting, My Spankin' New Wheelies!

Just a sneak preview, I know my friends are all excited and happy for me.

I am improvising with a towel under my chin because my wheelies did not come with a headrest. But no worries, Eddie's Wheels already promised to take care of this little glitch and send me one very soon.

Check out my front stirrups

Check out the view from my back

All the discomfort I endured ( Mom measured me one too many times!) was all worth it because my wheelies fit well. Job well done, Eddie's Wheels!

Wait, did you just say Walkies?

My first time to take an evening walk in our street... I dedicate my first "step" in sweet memory of Scarlett, our friend Evie's dog.

Well, this is it, my dream is finally happening! My little heart is bursting with gratitude to Labrador Life Line Organization who assisted me financially in the purchase of my wheels; and especially to its kind volunteer Teri Askew, my hooman angel who made it possible for my little voice to be heard among throngs of desperate and needy animals.

I am very much thankful to my friends, old and new, whom I met through the internet and in the real world. Some of them helped me put up the remaining funds needed to purchase and ship my wheels:

Jeff Sullivan
Teddy and Mom

Lorenza and her Mom
Mango the Maltese Kiddo
Anne Fernandez
Ruby and Penny
LeeTal and her chihuahuas
River and his Mom
Belle's Mom
Moy,Jappy,Trudis, Bambi,Woody, and Pussy
Catherine, Lex and Snap
Aki, Poopie, and Manang
Piappies World
Asta fwom New Yowk
Jasper and Ruth
Caroline Wong
Siku Marie

While some unselfishly dedicated a page or spot in their websites to spread my story, sending donors and well wishers my way:

Poopie and Akie
Charlie the Spitz from Mandaluyong
Teddy the Poodle
Sundae on Pampered Pets
Life with Dogs

And the rest gave me much needed cheers and encouragement which got me and Mom going:

Wild Dingo
Prints the Cat
Hound Tooth
Scout and Freyja
Oz Girl
Amy from the House of Cats
Digby and Prinnie
Lancaster the Puppy

From the bottom of my heart, and in behalf of my family, I thank you all. We will be back to post pictures, visit your blog and reply to your wonderful comments as soon as my Mom gets over her excitement.


  1. Im so happy for you. It's wonderful to see you take you first evening walkie!


  2. Scarlett!
    You have no idea how happy we are to see you on your wheelies!
    My mom is crying and that is something she is not allowed to do right now due to her tooth surgery so she can't blow her nose! But... Yes!
    Now, you will have lots of adventures to tell us about!
    Kisses and hugs

  3. Dearest Scarlet! You look so beautiful in your new chariot! We are so proud to have been able to help you and were thrilled to see your happy face as you take to the road! You seem to have got the hang of it very quickly - no stopping you now! You are like Boadicea in her chariot! Happy walks pretty Scarlet. Jasper (&R) xxx

  4. OMD Scarlet! You got your wheelie! My mommy got tears in her eyes when she saw you wheeling down the street! We are SO excited for you! When are you going to get your next package???

    Tail Wiggles & Puppy Kisses,

    Coco The Princess, Truffle, Lady Godiva & The Mommy

  5. So happy for you Scarlet!

    Have fun with your new wheelies, I am sure you and the Secretary will be always taking long and leisurely walks in the neighborhood.

    Keep smiling :)


  6. You got me teary eyed scarlet... I am so happy for you! Enjoy your walkies dear... Kisses for you from me and my two angels, Bless and Cholo... - Sundae

  7. Hi there Scarlet,

    Mommy could not help but be teary-eyed as she saw your photos on your wheelies. We are so happy to see your dream come true. We look forward to more of your walkies and fun adventures. Hope we can come out and play one day soon. Weeeeee

    Happy happy weekend!

    -Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Scrappy & Bullet

  8. Oh we are so happy to see that you got your wheelies! You look so happy in them! And your first walk had to be very exciting for you!!

  9. Congratulations, Scarlet! Maybe you and Liane can play sometime, with you on your shiny new wheelies, of course! :)

    -From Rai and Liane

  10. Oh Scarlet, seeing you walking on the street is the most beautiful thing we've seen in a long time! (I'm sure Scarlet Angel is smiling down at your from heaven). We're so glad your wheelies fit you well, and you're catching on so quickly. We thought there would be more of an adjustment period, but you're already mastering your wheelie walk just great!! ;) Be sure to give thanks to the Secretary who hoped and prayed for you to walk again, and who did a super job communicating your need and getting you measured just right!


  11. Sisa's MommyJanuary 31, 2010

    Spankin' indeed! Asteeg, Scarlet!!! We're sooo thrilled to see you on your wheelies! Enjoy your evening walks!!! ^_^

    ~ Sisa, Jack and Lucrecia

  12. Woof, Scarlet, you finally got your wheely! It looks really cool! Go-Go-Go!

  13. Snap, Lex and I are soo happy for you Scarlet. I cant help but cry for joy...All our love and kisses to you and to your whole family...

    Catherine, Lex and Snap

  14. Hey I just found your blog. I LIVE WITH ANIMALS DOCTORS TOO!!!! Maybe we can follow each others' blog? Sorry you have your legs in the stirrups, but glad you are getting around okay. I move slowly but I still can get around on all fours. For I am at Stop by sometime!

  15. Hi Scarlet
    We are so happy for you. It's wonderful to see you out for a walk.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  16. I'm so happy I could pop. I will have to share this update with our fans, I know some of them were really pulling for you.

  17. Oh, we just saw this. What a wonderful day this must be for you! We hope you will be mobile and happy forever.

  18. We are sooooo excited for you! Now, you can go wherever you want!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

  19. Wow! I'm so thrilled for you. Life with Dogs sent us over, promising the happiest story ever and Nigel was right. This is awesome!

  20. GREAT pictures - not going to be able to keep up with you now.....

    Wonderful - a whole new world to explore....

    Have fun - don't wear your Mum out....


  21. How wonderful that your wheels have arrived and that you are seeing the world from a whole, new perspective!☺

  22. O'my Scarlet! My human Granny is just crying so much with JOY! So Happy to see you taking a walk. You are so Blessed! and also you are a Blessing! How Wonderful! <3 <3 <3
    Lick and many Wags, Ariel <3


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