Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Mom's Appeal to the Customs Collector*

January 25, 2010


Special Deputy Collector

Bureau of Customs

Clark, Pampangga

Re: Airway Bill No. XXXXXXX


This refers to my shipment covered by above captioned airway bill number. I was informed by UPS that said shipment has been assessed an import duty of P7, 000 more or less. Delivery is being put on hold unless I signify my willingness to pay.

I write this letter to appeal for a reconsideration, and that I be exempt from payment of import duties. The item shipped is a veterinary quad cart for Scarlet, a dog who suffers from quadriplegia. I have been taking care of Scarlet for two years already, after her owners rejected her because of this disability.

The quadcart was purchased in part through a funding by Labrador Life Line( LLL), an organization in the US helping disabled dogs. Attached (Annex “A”) is a copy of the notice of approval emailed to me by LLL. The amount of 500US$ was directly paid by LLL to Eddie’s Wheels, while remaining balance of the purchase price was paid by me using funds I raised. Attached ( Annex “B”) is a print out of my PayPal transaction history showing the donations we received from people who all wanted to help Scarlet overcome her disability and enjoy a quality life. It is only Scarlet who will benefit from this wheelchair. Neither I or anyone will profit from this.

On my own, I do not have the money to purchase Scarlet’s wheels. I do not have the money to pay P7,000 plus on import duties. Scarlet is just lucky to benefit from the generosity of other people, and the thought of having to pay the government to get her donated wheelchair, is very, very disheartening, to say the least.

Section 105 of the Tariff and Customs Code of the Philippines enumerates the following exemption to the payment of customs duties, to wit:

r. Scientific apparatus, instruments and utensils specially imported for the bona fide use and by the order of any society or institution incorporated or established solely for educational, scientific, or charitable purposes, or for the encouragement of the fine arts, or for the bona fide use and by the order of any institution of learning in the Philippines, and not for barter, sale or hire.

u. Articles donated to public or private institutions established solely for educational, scientific, cultural, charitable, health, relief, philanthropic or religious purposes, for free distribution among, or exclusive use of, the needy.

With all humility, I appeal to you. Please consider that Scarlet’s wheelchair is similar or analogous to the above articles and importation that merit an exemption.

*We have submitted this already and waiting for the decision of the Customs Collector. Thank you for the positive vibes you have sent to me. Still keeping my fingers crossed.


  1. I sniffed my way over from White Dog's (Suki Marie) blog. What a special story you have. I am sad to hear of the trouble with getting your Wheels, so I am keeping my paws crossed that you get your much deserved Wheels from Customs as soon as possible. And my human, K, will say an extra prayer for you! You are a very beautiful dog and I know that with all of us working together you will have your Wheels soon!

    Peace, and Tail Wags,


  2. WHAT?! Just let 'em TRY and deny pretty Scarlet her wheels!! I'll get myself DHL'ed over there right now and open a can of old-fashioned Jasper-whoop'ass on the customs people!!! Grrrrr....

    love from Jasper xxxxx


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