Sunday, 17 January 2010

Scarlet's Note: Please excuse our Secretary, she got someone out of jail and can't keep the story to herself.

Secretary's Note:

It was two years ago when I first saw Bam ( not his real name). The Animal Doc was driving me to work, when we passed by Bam's house and spotted his small wire cage. That was where I saw him the following day and every single day that I went to work.

I felt sad for Bam. On Christmas 2008, I wrapped him a gift consisting of food bowl and treats, with a note wishing he could get out of his cage soon. I was elated when Bam actually used the food bowl, but he did not get his reprieve.

Christmas 2009, I again dropped him a gift. It was a leash and collar, with a note letting him know how sad I was to see him imprisoned, and that it was my Christmas wish for him to be freed from time to time and be taken out for walks.

I almost forgot about him, but when I went back to work this January, a surprise was waiting for me. Yes, Bam outside his cage! I was so excited that I called the Animal Doctor from work and begged him to take pictures ( Please excuse the blurry images) for my remembrance. And bring some treats, I squealed.

Goodbye Prison, I hope I never see you again!

Hello walkies! Lorenza, will you be my date?

But the Animal Doc is not so good with detective work and was caught by Bam's owner. He had to come clean and admit that we were the ones dropping gifts to their dog. Lucky for him, Bam's hooman did not call the police. She welcomed our gestures, though unsolicited. She also told us that she wont be keeping Bam inside his cage anymore.Tomorrow, the Animal Doc will go back to give Bam his vaccines, while I might take him out for a walkie myself

It has always been my habit to observe dogs when I'm on the road. Some images amuse me, but some can be ugly. I used to close my eyes because the only way that I could avoid tormenting myself with these images, is to pretend that they are not happening. But not anymore today. It gives me courage to confront animal suffering knowing that I could do something about it if I chose to.

Looking back to a year of sacrifices and hard work for animals in need, I want to thank the one person who truly deserves much of the credit: the Animal Doctor. By providing his facilities, expertise and services, as well as immense patience and understanding, he has empowered me to realize my Purpose in life. Now I see the full benefits of marrying a veterinarian. LOL.

P.S. Talking about gifts, big thanks to Charlie's Mom for sending gifts to our dogs. For the past two christmasses, they have not been getting any gifts from us because we told them its better to give than receive. Im sure Moy would stop whining and throwing words like "lame".

Thanks to Sweepy, Popsy Sumo and Bogart who sent us a lovely christmas story via email. Thanks for all our friends who sent us lovely cards and greetings last holiday. May 2010 be a wonderful year for all of us. :)


  1. Good job!
    You are the best and I am sure Bam appreciates your help!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  2. How wonderful!!! Makes all your (secretary and Animal Doctor) hard work worthwhile. Thank you for sharing this story with us. We're glad "Bam" gets to be outside his cage now, oh, and that the Animal Doctor didn't get in trouble!

  3. What wonderful humans you have Scarlet. They are making a difference in this world for the animals. You are so Blessed to have them. That for sharing the story I will try and keep it on the download, but I can not speak for human Granny she is known as the story teller! Snicker! Snicker!
    Take Care and real soon I can say to you my Special Needs internet Doggy friend, Catch you later unless you catch me first. Still praying you get your wheels real soon!
    Take Care &
    Licks and Wags, Ariel <3

  4. ohhh, the story made me teary eyed, i had to blink several times to compose myself. I know what you mean about closing your eyes, I do that too, when i go home to visit, i do see a lot of doggies that are suffering. It breaks my heart, and i cant help but feel so sad. You and the Animal Doctor are a blessing! May God continue to bless and watch over you as you touch and make a difference in this world. Catherine, lex and snap

  5. Fungal infection??? Uh oh... maybe I should get myself into the vet's office ASAP?? I hope it's not contagious. Will my humans catch it from me?

    Have you met my friend, Cappy, yet? Cappy is an eskie and Hana met him in July.


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