Saturday, 25 December 2010

Merry Christmas!

From the bottom of our hearts, 
we wish everyone of you a  Merry Christmas.

Your friendship has been a great blessing to us all these years!

From the Animal Doctor, Secretary, Human Pup, and our furry crew: Moymoy, Jappy, Trudis, Scarlet, Bambi, Woody and our cat  Poohsie

Friday, 17 December 2010

Power of the paws for Lorenza

Lorenza has a lot of pretty dresses in her closet, but this one is our favorite.

We just learned that our dear friend Lorenza had surgery for the removal of her kidney stones! Please cross your paws and fingers for our friend, join us in praying for her quick recovery. We can just imagine how Mom Veronica must be feeling right now. We know how difficult it is to see our beloved pets suffer and go through an illness.

An update on Trudis: Thank God, she has not yet manifested the symptoms listed by our friend Jasper via his comment to this post. But we are so bothered by her continuing weight loss. Trudis is wasting away no matter how often and how much she eats. She is getting treatment and supportive care for her heart and lungs but we need to treat the underlying illness  that  affected  these organs.  It is so frustrating that such illness remains elusive  because the definitive diagnostic tools and procedures are beyond our reach. We are giving her a few more weeks to see if she will puts on weight, then we can say we are on the right track. 

Thank you all for your support.  We are sending healing vibes to all the doggies and kitties and all animals in need out there. 

~The Secretary

Friday, 10 December 2010

Trudis has corpulmonale

This just got in. I got a call from the Animal Doctor after their appointment at the U.P Vet Teaching Hospital. Its confirmed, our adopted dog Trudis has cor pulmonale. This is just what I got so far from the Merck Manuals Online Medical Library:

Cor pulmonale is right ventricular enlargement secondary to a lung disorder that produces pulmonary artery hypertension. Right ventricular failure follows. Findings include peripheral edema, neck vein distention, hepatomegaly, and a parasternal lift. Diagnosis is clinical and by echocardiography. Treatment is directed at the cause.

Trudis has pulmonary congestion

Just a quick update from the Secretary:

Our adopted asong pinoy*, Trudis has conjestion in her lungs. The Animal Doctor 's colleagues who saw the xray films via Facebook agree that Trudis' heart might  be involved. To confirm this, Trudis and the Animal Doctor went this afternoon to the University of the Philippines( U.P) Diliman Veterinary Teaching Hospital. Trudis will get  an electrocardiogram (ECG) examination and a second opinion from the Animal Doc's former professors and collegues.

Trudis is on antibiotic; her nasal discharge has lessened a bit.  She still hasnt put on weight  despite her five meals a day and pancreatic enzyme replacements. We hope we will solve the mystery behind Trudis' excessive weight loss and fight this diseases, whatever it is.

Again, thanks to the  Animal Doctor for being on top of this case. I am  likewise grateful for the outpour of support and positive vibes we are getting from all of you. Our online friend Jasper who lives all the way from UK has even offered to help us with the trypsin immunureactive test ( for pancreatic insufficiency) because its available in his country. Maybe our super dog friend Sweepy can fly Trudis over there? We will let you know  of our next move.

* another term for a mix breed( mongrel) dog in the Philippines

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

pUpdate on Trudis

A message from Trudis:

Awww, I am so touched by your thoughtfullness, my dearest furriends. Thank you so much for all the healing vibes you  sent me. I will try to get better for you, and besides I cannot be absent on our yearly christmas feeding of street animals. I love you all!

Message from the Secretary: 

To date, Trudis has the following symptoms, ranked from the degree of severity: weight loss, nasal discharge, dry crusty nose. Her previous elevated SGPT had normalized after treatment with Godex and antibiotics. The Animal Doctor ordered another bloodtest and urinalysis over the weekend, and the results do not seem to point to Canine Diabetes. So what is causing this dog to lose a lot of weight? Her amylase and lipase levels are below normal yet the test- Serum Trypsin-Like Immunoreactivity- which could diagnose  pancreatic insufficiency is nowhere available in our country. I've contacted tertiary diagnostic laboratories and even veterinary laboratories here in Metro Manila, nada. Nevertheless, Trudis has started taking pancreatic enzymes with her meals. If this will abate further weight loss, I wonder if the Animal Doc can go ahead and make a presumptive diagnosis. 

This afternoon, Trudis went to the lab to have her chest xrayed. The Animal Doctor also requested for an examination of her nasal discharge. Will update you with the results.  Thanks for all your concern!

P.S Thanks to the Animal Doc for taking charge of the situation, I am impressed with what you did today!

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Oh-oh Trudis is in serious trouble!

Okay, it started two weeks ago, when Mom/the Secretary noticed that my older sissie Trudis was not herself ( Mom's used to seeing her bounce off the floor, you see). My sissie is having some nasal discharge and dry , crusty nose.  The Animal Doctor had some blood test done immediately and found out that Trudis had elevated SGPT, slightly low RBC and platelet count. He thought it was a case of viral hepatitis ( we are routinely vaccinated, so what's up with that?) and gave Trudis Godex and Amoxicillin. Another round of blood test showed that my sissie's liver is getting better.

But there is another problem. Trudis is losing weight- fast! She's a pig, eating 4-5 times a day now,sometimes eating papers and stuff she's not supposed to eat. Yet the bones on top of her skull, ribs and hips are showing. This is driving Mom bonkers especially since the Animal Doctor cannot tell yet what's the problem with Trudis.

                                                     Gums and tongue are still pink though...

Appetite and water intake still okay. 

Please pray for our sissie Trudis. There are other tests to be done to determine  her illness but  some of these are unavailable in our area.  We shall be coming back with an update.
We miss our online friends so much. Sadly we are unable to leave comments lately but we are so happy to read your posts, especially knowing that you and your humans are happy and well. We love you our friends!

                                                Love and Kisses, Scarlet

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