Friday, 17 December 2010

Power of the paws for Lorenza

Lorenza has a lot of pretty dresses in her closet, but this one is our favorite.

We just learned that our dear friend Lorenza had surgery for the removal of her kidney stones! Please cross your paws and fingers for our friend, join us in praying for her quick recovery. We can just imagine how Mom Veronica must be feeling right now. We know how difficult it is to see our beloved pets suffer and go through an illness.

An update on Trudis: Thank God, she has not yet manifested the symptoms listed by our friend Jasper via his comment to this post. But we are so bothered by her continuing weight loss. Trudis is wasting away no matter how often and how much she eats. She is getting treatment and supportive care for her heart and lungs but we need to treat the underlying illness  that  affected  these organs.  It is so frustrating that such illness remains elusive  because the definitive diagnostic tools and procedures are beyond our reach. We are giving her a few more weeks to see if she will puts on weight, then we can say we are on the right track. 

Thank you all for your support.  We are sending healing vibes to all the doggies and kitties and all animals in need out there. 

~The Secretary


  1. We just read about Lorenza too, and are keeping our paws crossed that her test results will come out ok.

    We are also worried about Trudis' weight loss. Maybe another symptom will manifest that will lead you closer to the cause. We're also sending healing vibes and love your way. Having to worry and wait for results is the worst thing ever. At least you've got the Animal Doctor close by for questions and support, and all the help from your friends on DWB.


  2. Thanks a lot for your lovely post!
    I am feeling much better now and I have my paws crossed for Trudis!
    I hope she gets better soon!
    I have gotten tons of good vibes these days and I want to share them with her!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  3. Secretary,

    What a lovely little lady Lorenza is! Fingers and dewclaws crossed at this end for a complete recovery for her - she's certainly getting busy with her chew in the pic!

    MUCH love and best wishes to lovely Trudis as well. We might not be there physically - but we ARE there in our hearts, giving you all the love, prayers, and support that we can.

    With LOTS of affection (and thanks for your support of Jasper and his blog) to you, the good Doctor and your little Docretary plus - of course - your furry family for a wonderful Christmas and a very happy, healthy and prosperous new year. You're GOOD people - it's a pleasure and an honour to know you.

    Ruth & Jasper


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