Friday, 10 December 2010

Trudis has pulmonary congestion

Just a quick update from the Secretary:

Our adopted asong pinoy*, Trudis has conjestion in her lungs. The Animal Doctor 's colleagues who saw the xray films via Facebook agree that Trudis' heart might  be involved. To confirm this, Trudis and the Animal Doctor went this afternoon to the University of the Philippines( U.P) Diliman Veterinary Teaching Hospital. Trudis will get  an electrocardiogram (ECG) examination and a second opinion from the Animal Doc's former professors and collegues.

Trudis is on antibiotic; her nasal discharge has lessened a bit.  She still hasnt put on weight  despite her five meals a day and pancreatic enzyme replacements. We hope we will solve the mystery behind Trudis' excessive weight loss and fight this diseases, whatever it is.

Again, thanks to the  Animal Doctor for being on top of this case. I am  likewise grateful for the outpour of support and positive vibes we are getting from all of you. Our online friend Jasper who lives all the way from UK has even offered to help us with the trypsin immunureactive test ( for pancreatic insufficiency) because its available in his country. Maybe our super dog friend Sweepy can fly Trudis over there? We will let you know  of our next move.

* another term for a mix breed( mongrel) dog in the Philippines


  1. Aww! I am sending best wishes and healing hugs! <3

  2. Keep going. Trudis is worth it - as much as Scarlet was worth her wheels. R&J xxx


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