Tuesday, 29 June 2010


My Mom in Iloilo City informed me last night that Jenilyn, one of my adopted dogs left in her care, had not been eating in the past few days. She also observed that Jenilyn's tummy had grown big and hard to the touch. Worried, I asked my Mom to immediately send Jenilyn here in Manila so she could be throughly diagnosed and treated. When Jenilyn arrived this morning, the Animal Doc whisked her from the airport to the laboratory for blood tested and xrays.

The test results confirmed the Animal Doc's fears; he had no other option but to remove Jen's enlarged uterus. By then, Jenilyn already had kidney failure and severe anemia due to cystic endometrial hyperplasia. Despite Animal Doc's valiant efforts to save her life, Jenilyn died in the operating table at 2:45 this afternoon, three stitches away from her incision wound being closed.

Now, Im wondering, would it have made a difference if I were with Jenilyn before she got sick? Would she have made it through surgery if a diagnosis was made three or five days earlier? Would my grief be easier to bear if I had more time spent with her than just a few hours every one or two months?

My dogs and I share a special bond. Even with eyes closed, I can distinguish each one of them from the subtle differences in their barks and in their smell. I would have immediately known if anything was wrong with them, just as they so easily perceive my joy and pain.

Two nights ago, I couldnt sleep. It was as though something was eating me from inside out: thoughts of death, of losing loved ones. Now I could swear Jenilyn was trying to contact me then.

Run free Jenilyn
June 29, 2010

Our Dogs in Iloilo City