Friday, 10 December 2010

Trudis has corpulmonale

This just got in. I got a call from the Animal Doctor after their appointment at the U.P Vet Teaching Hospital. Its confirmed, our adopted dog Trudis has cor pulmonale. This is just what I got so far from the Merck Manuals Online Medical Library:

Cor pulmonale is right ventricular enlargement secondary to a lung disorder that produces pulmonary artery hypertension. Right ventricular failure follows. Findings include peripheral edema, neck vein distention, hepatomegaly, and a parasternal lift. Diagnosis is clinical and by echocardiography. Treatment is directed at the cause.

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  1. Darlings - from a UK source:
    Contributors Dr Serena Brownlie BVM&S PhD CertSAC MRCVS

    Usually concurrent left-sided endocardiosis, rarely tricuspid endocardiosis with right-sided heart failure predominate over left-sided lesion.
    Cause : insufficient right atrioventricular valve.
    Signs : right-sided heart failure.
    Diagnosis : signs, echocardiography.
    Treatment : symptomatic.
    Clinical signs
    Concurrent mitral endocardiosis .
    Systolic murmur of tricuspid regurgitation on right hemithorax.

    Signs of right-sided congestive heart failure
    Distended jugular veins.
    Positive hepatojugular reflex.
    Jugular veins pulsating with severe tricuspid regurgitation.
    Loss of body condition.
    Differential diagnosis

    Right-sided heart failure due to other conditions:
    Cor pulmonale
    Dilated cardiomyopathy .
    Tricuspid dysplasia .
    Pulmonic stenosis .
    Dirofilariasis (not endemic in UK)
    Pericardial disease
    Portal hypertension
    Liver failure
    Protein losing conditions:
    Abdominal neoplasia
    Thrombosis of caudal vena cava veins.
    Poor if right-sided congestive heart failure (especially if concommitant left-sided heart failure as is usually the case).
    Expected response to treatment:
    Control of ascites.
    Improved body condition.
    Improved exercise tolerance.
    Normal gastrointestinal function.
    Better quality of life.

    Trudis - as Ruth wrote in her theatrical play on the sisterly relationship between author Jane Austen and her sister Cassandra - "Nothing is perfect without its imperfections."

    We continue to love and pray for you ALL. Please let us have any updates as soon as you can. xx


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