Monday, February 16, 2009


Aside from me, Trudis, taking over our blog ( most of it, at least), another new thing for us this 2009 is Scarlet.

Last year, the Secretary was unsure if she could handle the big responsibility of adopting a special needs dog. She still hoped that Scarlet's owner would have a change of heart and commit to Scarlet's care, or that qualified adopter would come along.

Now, Scarlet is officially a member of our family!

This wheelchair took almost forever to construct( I told the Secretary to let a professional handle it), but now that it is up and running, we noticed that Scarlet's forelimbs are too deformed and weak to carry much of her body's weight. The wheelchair, though, is useful for keeping her bum-bum dry and when she has to take a break from lying on her tummy for a long period of time.

Scarlet: " Care for some bitey face, Bambi?"

Scarlet: "You're not playing fair, Jappy!"

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Another Adoption Story

I promised to tell you about the puppies' adoption, didn't I? Well, first of all, it almost did not happen because the Secretary had grown fond ( again???) of the puppies and had wanted to keep them. The Animal Doctor gave her a "reality check" and presented to her our food and medical bills, and pointed emphatically that she already has too many dogs. Plus, if I may add, she hardly has time to personally attend to my beauty needs.

Thus, the day of the puppies' adoption came.

Blaze was adopted by the Animal Doctor's client, a woman who recently lost her dog due to old age.

Woody, on the other paw, was adopted by a young boy.

And as for Bambi...
The Secretary moved for reconsideration of the Animal Doctor's decision, arguing that Bambi has not completely recovered from the emotional trauma of having been rejected and passed from one household to another.

Bambi had outgrown what little puppy cuteness she had to begin with. Only a person who can see her inner beauty and the purity of her spirit would be able to make a commitment to care and nurture her. The Secretary is not losing hope and constantly prays for a qualified person to show at our door one day. In the meantime, Bambi will stay with us where everyday she is learning not be afraid,

and how a game of bitey face can be extremely fun!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Doggy Love

The funky artwork you see on the mud guard is my creation, a gift to my hoomans this Valentine's Day( Thanks Bambi for the collaboration). I did not quite expect the Animal Doctor's reaction-how ungrateful-( sniffles) but the Secretary hugged me and told me it was okay.

Happy Valentines Day to all my furriends!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

For YY

The Secretary is learning how to take pictures with her Nikon D40. These flowers are from their garden in Iloilo City.

We want to offer it to Aki and Poopie's brother in Bacolod City, YY, who met his untimely death just a few days ago. Manang is grieving now, and we want her to know that she is in our thoughts at this difficult time.

Rest in peace, YY

Fifth photo meme

Our Cebuano furriend Akikoy tagged us for this fifth file meme. We need to post about the fifth photo in our fifth file.

Can any dog guess? Hihihi

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Billion dollar dogs

Do you remember them?

Some of you doggies correctly guessed that we rescued these puppies and brought them in our animal clinic for rehabilitation. Aside from being underweight and malnourished, they had amoebiasis and fungal skin infection. They were treated, dewormed, vaccinated, groomed, and given all the works at Greenwoods Pet Clinic.

Blaze, the only boy in the trio, had his boy bits removed by the Animal Doctor. Just like Moy-Moy hihihi. This is the second time that the Animal Doctor performed early age neutering and like the first, there was practically no down time! Blaze was up and about a few minutes after his minor operation, and his tiny incision did not bother him at all.

After Animal Doctor's job was done, the puppies were transferred to our house in Mimosa Street where they underwent another kind of "treatment". The puppies were very scared of hoomans. Just the sound of hooman voices made them tremble and scamper for dear life. They would hide all day and would not even care for a round of bitey face with me.

The Secretary suspected that the puppies have experienced cruelty from hoomans in the past, so she gathered all hoomans and four legged in our house and draw up a plan. Each of the hoomans had a task to perform such as feeding the puppies, getting them used to cuddles and strokes, bathing them. I Trudis must engage them in play daily.

Now, see the difference.

Even a mongrel can look and feel like a billion dollar dog.

Next time, I will tell you about their adoption.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What in dog's name?

You cats and doggies must be wondering what got Scarlet all worked up like this.


She goes at these poor stuffies like a reptile on a feeding frenzy, the one I saw on Animal Planet.

Addie sent me these toys all the way from the United States ( Aki, I did not have to go to the post office to claim my package because it was addressed to me, c/o Greenwoods Pet Clinic. )

Last Christmas, Aki and Poopie also sent us toys.
Scarket: Mine!

Thank you very much my friends! I don't mind sharing my toys because I'm a good girl plus I really enjoy watching Scarlet go a little crazy- happy more often.

Special thanks also to Angel T-Man, Teddy, CC-Man and their Mom for sending us a christmas card and to Lorenza and Sweepy for their e-cards, and all the doggies, kitties, hoomans who greeted us during the holidays.

Our friends have been asking about us after some time that we have not resumed blogging. The Secretary is busy with her day job and her nights are devoted to H.S (Human Son) and us furry kids. So, I, Trudis, took matters in my own paws.

See you next time, furriends!

Our Dogs in Iloilo City