Sunday, May 25, 2008

Aspin pups adopted!

We have some great news! The Aspin pups we rescued from Iloilo City were finally adopted! After being under the care of Greenwoods Pet Clinic for more than a month, they were fetched by their respective new families last Saturday. The search for qualified individuals to make the adoption had been nerve racking; at some point I had entertained the daunting possibility of keeping all seven(!) puppies for good. Yet, after our prayers were answered and the day came for these pups to leave us for their new homes, the feeling was just a bit disconcerting...

The Animal Doctor tried to console me by agreeing that we keep the runt of the litter, a female puppy I affectionately called Trudis.

The picture says it all:
These two puppies were adopted by an animal loving couple from Rosario, Pasig City, who found our blog and our post about the seven Aspin puppies after Sherwin mentioned it in his blog at www.MeFindHome.Org.

Many months back, we joined Sherwin's blog brigade by providing links with each other to create a word of blog about the Shelter animals featured in his site. With more people reading about them, these homeless animals would have better chances at adoption. Little did I know that I would soon find myself a litter of rescued pups and that MeFindHome would in fact be instrumental in their adoption.

This pup was photographed in his new home by his new Mommy, Valerie who learned about the Aspin pups through the ads we posted at Greenwoods Executive Village. We were convinced she was the one because she never gave up on us even when we had already chosen someone we thought was more qualified. She called and visited Greenwoods Pet Clinic several times and each time, we got to know the real person. To us, her persistence was a good indication of her willingness and commitment to care for a mongrel pup.

Three puppies left. Two went to these ladies from a nearby subdivision. Gilda has been taking care of Aspins for a long time, preferring them over purebreds because of their resilience to diseases. Just like the rest, Gilda's persistence in going back to our Clinic to inquire about the pups and to comply with our requirements somehow assured us that the pups will go to a good home.

While we were not able to take a picture of the last puppy, we are assured of her good life too. She was adopted by no less than Jaya's Mom, a regular client of ours who has a passion for rescuing stray animals and from time to time, volunteers at a local dog pound.

Well, we did not really say good bye to the puppies. We will still see them in the coming months for their spay or neuter operation as expressly provided in our adoption contract. Just like with Moy-Moy and Pussy, resident pets of Greenwoods Pet Clinic, neutering and spaying is our only way of ensuring that the tragic past of these rescued animals will never be repeated in their offsprings.

Again we wish to thank Joy and Al, Valerie, Gilda, and Karina. By opening your homes and your hearts to these once homeless puppies, you have forever changed their lives. You are truly God sent!

And of course, we cannot forget Sherwin of MeFindHome.Org. Thank you very much for that one paragraph you wrote which led Joy and Al to our blog. A link was all it took to give two pups a shot at the good life.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Moy-Moy goes to school

Hiya guys! I have been neglecting my blog duties lately, even Aki Mistui from Cebu, Philippines noticed. Its not because the Animal Doctor had ran out of biscuits ( I don't blog for biscuits, thank you), but because I have been going to school!

Yep, my professor had some time to conduct a Basic Obedience and Agility Training class here in Greenwoods Executive Village every Saturday at 7 o'clock in the morning. The Secretary brings me to class, along with my water jug and my treats.

I watch as my classmates perform.

There is this dog in our class who just couldn't stay still and stop barking. Err, was that me?

Well, cross my paws that I learn to sit, stay and do other things on command after eight weeks!

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