Tuesday, June 18, 2024

The end of an era

The last of our dogs from this blog passed away today. Trudis was 16 years old.

It was bittersweet as the Animal Doctor performed euthanasia on Trudis this morning, June 18, 2024. Since last year, she had been progressively declining, but she fiercely held on to life, even in her last moments.

I wanted for nature to take its course, but If had to be honest, I knew in my heart I was only doing it for my sake.

A couple of nights ago, I asked God for a sign that it was time to let Trudis go. I drifted off to sleep, and there in my dream, saw her in the same playpen where she had lain since January, bedridden, unable to stand and eat on her own. But this time, she was sitting on her hind legs, looking up to me so happily. Its been a while since I saw her like this.

I knew at the Rainbow Bridge, she will be young and strong again.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Business in Dog Breeding?

I found this book entitled, “Negosyong Patok, Hot Business and Jobs" written by Ma. Aurora Sicat and published by Sounds Publishing Corporation (ISBN 978-971-9934-02-8). The book suggests various types of livelihood that are "patok” (translation: sure winner), one of which is dog and cat breeding which the author writes about in pages 22 and 23 of the book.

The author's temerity in writing about dog and cat breeding when she obviously has no expertise on the subject, and the publisher's apparent lack of sensibilities in disseminating the author's impertinent opinion on pet animal rearing brings up bile in my throat. It is disgusting, to say the least.

Despite her obligatory disclaimer for the reader and future breeder to consult a vet and to read about companion animal breeding on Wikipedia ( of all places), the author wittingly or unwittingly perpetuates outdated paradigms about pet ownership that sets the vicious cycle of animal neglect and abuse especially prevalent in a third world country like the Philippines.

Being married to a veterinarian, I've seen enough of these: pet deprived of adequate health care and nutrition; pets subjected to living conditions inappropriate and even detrimental to their nature as animals; pets given up or abandoned because of health or behavioral issues their owners cannot handle, or simply because it got to a point these pets no longer have a place in their owner's lives.

The owners of these pets may not have known what they were getting into. The enormous responsibility hits them only after the novelty wears off, when the pet has grown thrice or four times its size and sheds some of its cuteness. Sometimes, this realization does not even come at all and so it is just a matter of buying the replacement pet.

Unscrupulous puppy millers and backyard breeders feed on these people's one sided notion of pet ownership. The horrors in these places are too painful to tell...The trend now adays, according to the author, is to produce mix breeds because they are cheap and cute ( maybe because of their unique features) and hence, highly marketable. The author does not mention that some cross breeding have resulted to genetic defects and health issues. And as if adding a cherry on top of her ice cream, the author provides a solution to animals that cannot be sold: the breeder can swap them online for other useful things like electronic gadget.

If our bond with animals have positive impact on our over all well being, then it is only ethical that we treat them with respect and we take on full responsibility for their life and welfare. They are not play things that can be set aside when we no longer want or need them, or swap them for more useful things.

If the measure of a lucrative business is profitability, then it is immoral to even suggest that one can make a lucrative business out of pet breeding. In that case, the breeder's primary concern would be the overhead cost and marketability of his business. There is a lot of evidence to show that this kind of equation often leads to the welfare of animals being set aside.

Pet ownership must be a privilege, and not an absolute right. The most important considerations must be our capability to make a room for the animal in our finances, our family and home, our lifestyle, and even our future plans. Otherwise, if we cannot make these commitments or make provisions for these, then we do not deserve to own a pet because certainly no pet animal deserves to suffer in serving our needs.

I respectfully request Sounds Publishing Corporation to voluntarily cease from circulating the book, Negosyong Patok, for as long as the chapter on Dog and Cat Breeding remains a part thereof.

I respectfully request National Bookstore, through its founder, Ms. Socorro Ramos, to voluntarily cease from selling Negosyong Patok unless and until Sounds Publishing Corporation takes the chapter on Dog and Cat Breeding off the said book. I have high hopes that National Bookstore will listen to this plea, given the values and principles it stands for,

Please click on the image of the chapter entitled Dog and Cat Breeding from the aforementioned book so you can read it. My apologies to foreign readers but I did my best to discuss the article in its proper context. If you have experienced the love of a pet; if your heart bleeds for those who are neglected and abused, if you fight for their fight, then I appeal for your help. You may either do the following:

1) Write the publisher of Negosyong Patok and respectfully request for the removal of the chapter on Dog and Cat Breeding, stating your reasons:

Sounds Publishing Corporation
2nd Floor, GA Yupangco Building
339 Gil Puyat Ave., Makati City
Telephone Numbers:+632 8972178
Telefax: +6328972157
Email: sales@soundpublishingcorporation.com

2) Write National Bookstore and respectfully request them cease from selling Negosyong Patok in all their branches in the Philippines, unless and until the chapter on Dog and Cat Breeding is removed by the publisher.

National Book Store Incorporated
Quad Alpha Centrum, 125 Pioneer Street, Mandaluyong
Metro Manila, Philippines
Telephone Number: +63(2) 6318062, 6318061, 6318063
Email: gakojl@nationalbookstore.com.ph; valebiaep@nationalbookstore.com.ph

3) Adopt my position and incorporate them in your letter.

4) Share this letter and urge your friends to make a stand too.

I apologize to readers of our blog...its been a while since I updated. A lot of things have happened, we have lost some of our pets and even our dog blogging friends around the world. I could not summon the courage to write again,until now. We miss you all.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Our beloved Scarlet passed away last night. There are no words to describe our grief. We thank everyone who has been a part of her life and helped her fulfill her dreams of having a wheelchair.

Taking care of a special needs dog was a great blessing from God.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Jasper Horatio Stafford

You said no tears...I am so sorry Jasper, but I failed. 

Rest in peace, my dear friend

Monday, February 28, 2011

Dog shape cookies and Pupdates

Dog themed cookie cutters are so hard to find in the Philippines~ imagine my joy when I spotted them in the mall recently. So today, I took a break from being a  wannabee dog whisperer, and made cookies for the humans. The fun part was applying the icing because I can make these doggies wear fancy clothes and collars. I felt like a little girl playing with barbie!

By the way, my obsession  passion for baking has been taken to whole new level with this:

(I am deliriously happy that I don't really mind if this is the Animal Doctor's post valentine and advance birthday gift  to me LOL. Thank you, AD!)

Bambi and Trudis, together for the first time since their fight. I made them wear a piece of my clothing based on a theory that if the  weaker dog smells like his owner, his aggressor might be influenced not to attack him   (from this very nice article,  Managing A Multiple Dog Household by Melinda Johnson).
Well, its been three weeks since the mad fight among our dogs. With the reforms made in our multiple dog household, I was anxious to test if the warring pairs could be reintegrated as one pack. My dogs lived peacefully along side each other for nearly three years. It breaks my heart to think that they will become enemies for life (A.D is worried of breaking his wallet too, because the dog pad will have to be transformed into a duplex ).

For  the first time since the mayhem, I let them out all together in the run.  I threatened to go ballistic the moment I catch one of them challenging the other. Trudis only managed to snob Bambi,  while Moy and Jappy appeared nonchalant.

Unfortunately, my  bouyed up spirit quickly sank to the pits of hopelessness when Jappy and Moy attacked each other on our second session. I almost got bitten trying to pry two very angry dogs apart!  Jed and Abby warned us about this. It was wishful thinking on my part to expect the dogs to forgive and forget. I have to remember that my babies are animals;  the inner workings of their minds totally unpredictable. Rather than risking further injury or death among our pets, the Animal Doc and I decided to separate the dogs for good. Jappy and Bambi on one side; Moymoy, Trudis and Woody on the other. I will have to make sure that the resulting pack order in each of these groups is strictly maintained. Scarlet stays inside the house and will be allowed supervised playtimes with the rest of the dogs.

I feel compelled to leave you with a bit of good news about the dogs: Trudis has gained weight! She's put on two kilos since I gave her papaya enzymes bought from a health store!

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