Our Adopted Pets

I found my true calling in  taking care of animals in need. Trudis was one of eight dogs I picked up from the streets of Iloilo City, my hometown, and brought here to live with us in Manila. Bambi and Woody  were puppies that our neighbors couldnt take care properly. Scarlet was the Animal Doctor's patient  who has hind leg paralysis and needed surgery  to remove impacted feces in her abdomen. The Animal  Doctor performed the surgery for free when Scarlet's owners could not afford it, but when we realized they were not in a position to take care of her special needs, we decided to adopt her. Jappy on the other hand, was a  neighbor's dog I befriended while I was still single and living alone in a rented apartment. When I got married and lived with the Animal Doctor, Jappy had to come along.                                                

Our adopted pets have come a long way from wearing long and sad faces.Click their names to read their life stories:

Our Dogs in Iloilo City