Monday, 14 January 2008

Who is Moy-Moy, Nobody's Boy?

We are horrible. After the lavish introduction of our crew ( please check the sidebar) we forgot to mention Moy-Moy!

Moy-Moy is a true blue Asong Pinoy. Only two months old, he is training hard for a special mission. You see, native dogs and cats do not enjoy the same stature as their purebred brothers and sisters in the Philippines. The double standard cuts across race, sex, social classes in that it pervades even the world of domesticated animals!

A typical pinoy household would have a pampered pooch ( a pure or mix breed) who stays indoors, sleeps on the sofa, feeds on premium pet food, and forks over thousands of pesos for vanity alone. Then there's the ubiquitous askal or asong kalye, who stays outdoors, steadfastly guarding his master's house day and night. Not a lot of people see the need or importance of providing these dogs their basic needs-- food, shelter, quality health care.

It is our mission to convince our clients and as many people as we can, that all animals, regardless of breed, pedigree or market value, deserve love and compassion from humans; and Moy-Moy is the perfect poster boy for our advocacy.

Read this interview to get to know the real dog underneath the puppy face!

The Secretary : So how did you apply for work at Greenwoods Pet Clinic?

Moy-Moy : I didnt. One day I woke up and Im here! !!

(Note by the Animal Doctor: Moy-Moy was abandoned by his owners in a shoebox outside Greenwoods Pet Clinic when he was only a wee puppy. His eyes were still tightly shut; I actually got The Secretary ( who already took pity on him) to believe that Moy-Moy was blind and had to be euthanized! Hehehe. I was only kidding. What it told us was that Moymoy had been born just a few days or weeks and may have been prematurely weaned from the dam. And so, the Secretary scampered off to buy a puppy feeding bottle, and in no time, reactivated her maternal instincts.

As a matter of fact, during his first two weeks in our clinic, Moy-Moy drifted in between feeding and sleeping mode.

Our good friend, Cystal ( Marshall's Mommy) was very kind to take Moy-Moy in when we went to Iloilo to be with our human son (H.S) for the christmas break. Look how Moy-Moy have grown up so quickly when we came back.

Handsome Devil

Secretary : So tell us about your work.

Moy-Moy : I eat, sleep, and play in the morning and when i get tired in the evening, maybe I sleep some more???

( Note from the Animal Doctor: Er, ... right now we are exposing him to different forms of stimulation, like children, noise, and even the presence of dogs and other animals. When he came back after his christmas vacation with Crystal, we were suprised that he was house broken and knew where to drop his poop. When clients come with their dogs, we bring out Moy-Moy and tell them how we are taking care of him and how we are raising him up to be a well mannered dog. We have a lot of plans for Moy-Moy. In a few months, he will be neutered----

Moy-Moy ( butting in): YAY!!!

The Animal Doctor : As neutering( removal of testicles in male dogs) eliminates the desire to mate in male dogs, unwanted pregnancies in pets are prevented,so humans only get to have as many pets their time, space and resources will allow them. Given the benefits to pets, health and behavior wise, neutering and spaying ( removal of ovaries in female dogs) is an essential part of responsible pet ownership.

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  1. moy moy is soooooooo cute!!!

    i hate it that pinoys still eat dog meat... i would definitely eat my dad alive of he tried or even think about eating dog meat...


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