Sunday, 27 January 2008

What happened with this dog's willie?

Oh-oh. This morning, The Animal Doctor found himself one very hot doggy.

This poor doggie's willie had been hanging out like that for more than 24 hours. His owner was mortified, and quick to assure us that NO, he was not keeping viagra tablets that the dog might have accidentally ingested.

He may be telling the truth. This is but a case of a dog with Paraphimosis, or a distended glans penis that has not retracted to its normal position in the prepuce for one reason or another ( a narrowed preputial opening or trauma to the penis). This can also occur during mating, when the hair around the preputial orifice gets tangled like a band around the base of the penis, thus preventing retraction.

However, hair constriction at the base of the penis is more common in long haired breeds (like shih tzus). Instead, what we have with our patient is an inflamed glans penis, possibly caused by bacterial infection. Due to its current swollen state, it is virtually impossible to maneuver the dog's penis back into the preputial cavity. Dipping it in ice cold dextrose solution did not help at all.

The Animal Doctor already instituted anti-biotic and anti-inflammatory treatment plus Nefrotec to brace our patient for a urinary tract infection lurking somewhere. Surgilube, a surgical lubricant containing a bactericidal gel called Chlorhexidine, is also proving to be very useful.

So far, our patient has good appetite and is being a good boy himself by not fiddling with his Paraphimosis. Catheter can pass through and urine is clear. Except for unsightly blood oozing from the inflamed organ, the dog does not seem to be in pain.

We hope this resolves in 3 days or less.

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