Thursday, 3 January 2008

Dexter, the Toy Terminator

(Note: Amidst the debate on the proposed National I.D System that will undermine every citizen's constitutional right to privacy, Greenwoods Pet Clinic was stunned to learn that the Department of Defense had been conducting surveillance operation on one of our own!)

Subject is known to go berserk at the sound of a squeak toy.
Will pounce on the defenseless object and instantly de-squeak it.
Four victims in the last month:
Red Ball,
Blue Ball,
Mr. Duck, and
the Idiot who squeaked Mr. Duck directly into subject's ear.

Source: Military dossier on Mr. Dexter Franklin Toblerone Jay Jr.

( We strongly advice our clients to check store bought squeaked toys, especially those in the form of a ball or a duck. We strongly believe that the bugs used by the Military in their covert operations were implanted in these toys. )

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