Saturday, 5 January 2008

Fluffy, the substitute pet

The Secretary has lived in many places away from home. Loneliness gave her the uncanny ability for striking friendships with just about any dog nearby her rented space, be it the landlord's dog or the neighbors. In exchange for yummy leftovers and plenty of hugs, these dogs are game enough to substitute as her pet.

This is Fluffy, becoming all sweet and cuddly for some tasty dinner leftovers.

Fluffy wondering why The Secretary had to leave every morning.

Fluffy waiting for the Secretary to come home at night.
It was a good feeling to have someone so happy just to see you home.

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  1. really enjoyed reading the blogs, esp. on marshall and dexter :)) btw, i was just wondering if you have been to PAWS yet. There are plenty of lovely dogs there. :) God Bless


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