Monday, 28 January 2008

Its moi, Moy-Moy!

Hi every dog and cat! Do you know that today is Monday? And that Monday is for me, MOY-MOY? As you can see, last night, the evil Petparrazzi took photos of me like I was digging for a bone or something--I was composing my very first post, doggit!

I hurt my paws real bad beating my deadline (which is my bed time), but i get distracted by my sister Pussy, who is a cat and a very jealous one at that. You see, Pussy had been begging The Secretary whom she calls Mum (okay, whatever) for a blogging day ( just like mine which is Monday) but was denied for obvious reasons ( she kept biting the mouse!).

I may have taken her sermons and her non stop ramblings of so called rules I had to follow in the house ( like not drinking on her water bowl, not eating on her food bowl, not chasing after her tail) like a good boy-pup that I am. But I say, enough is enough!

"I cannot blog about you, not in my very first post!" I barked.

Little did I know, this verbal tussle with my sister would turn to be my earliest educational experience. A painful one.

Lesson Number 1: Never, I say never, argue with a jealous cat.

Thanks to the Secretary who gave me her shoulder to cry on. I must have looked like a wimp, but who said it was bad for boy-pups to cry?

Well, that's all I have to bark for now. See you again next Monday, every dog and cat!



  1. Hehehe. Poor Moymoy got boxed by the kitty. Moymoy is adorable!

    Great job on this blogpot, Doc! Will link you up so I can follow how Moymoy and Pussy are getting along!

    Thanks for the link. There may be something wrong with the tags though. Some parts may have been omitted so the link's not working.

    Again, thanks and see you around!

  2. ay forgot. It's me Sherwin of MeFindHome :)

    See you around!


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