Friday, 4 January 2008

Marshall, the Panty Raider

(Note from Greenwoods Pet Clinic: We were shocked to read about our client Marshall in the front pages of no less than The Philippine Daily Petquirir. Below is a verbatim quote of the news.)

"Oopps, I did it again" was all Marshall "The Golden Boy" Retriever could say when agents of the Canine Secret Investigation ( CSI) Manila arrested him on Monday.

The notorious canine was indicted for panty larceny in 2006 and was serving house arrest when he carried out what the Secretary of Justice considered as the dumbest underwear heist of the decade.

Mr. Retriever apparently left a piece of evidence so damning he was nailed before he could even finish chewing his loot.

CSI Agents raided Mr. Retriever's sprawling mansion at Greenwoods Executive Village, and found a cellphone containing an image of him with the stolen panty. DNA results of the drool found in the underwear disproved claims by Mr. Retriever's counsel that the cellphone image was a Photoshop fabrication.

Meanwhile, the CSI already refuse to disclose the owner of the stolen property, but confirmed to the Media that it was not Britney Spears'.

( The CSI Manila has tried to get in touch with Greenwoods Pet Clinic to confirm reports about Marshall's worsening panty addiction. The Animal Doctor, however, refused to divulge information, upholding confidentiality of veterinary-patient relationship. )

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