Saturday, 26 January 2008

Asong Pinoy A-Visiting

Wow, we had asong pinoy visiting our clinic today!

These are Maximus, Lightning and Thunder Briones. They came for deworming, vaccination and check up. Maximus ( middle) got a new collar. Unlike Moy-Moy, they are not true blue native dogs as they were sired by a labrador.

These are Monay ( with brown spots) and Angel ( light brown) San Juan. They came for a medical check up. Their tummies are no good, they've been having watery poopies and have not been eating much for the last two days.

These dogs are very lucky to have caring and responsible humans, because not a lot of Aspins ( asong pinoy) are as lucky. Aside from chronic neglect, they also suffer torture and violence from the hands of humans engaged in dog meat trade which is a lucrative underground business in the Philippines.

Dogs by the thousands are hog tied, with rusty sardine cans stuck up their snout, and dumped in vans and trucks that transport them to Benguet and nearby provinces where they are slaughtered. In such a deplorable and appalling state, some of the dogs die of
asphyxiation during transit.

law that prohibits the slaughter of dogs does not expressly prohibit eating its meat, so people can technically buy dog meat and cook it as pulutan or serve it as an exotic dish in their restaurants without violating the law.

The recently enacted Rabies Act of 2007 prohibits and penalizes the trade of dog meat.
But still, not the act of eating. For as long as consumption of dog meat is not penalized, there will always be a motivation for dog meat traders to be on top of their game.

Note: Images of rescued dogs were obtained from a website we visited long time ago, called Its their Destiny

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