Sunday, 20 April 2008

A Tale of Seven Tails

Last weekend, the Animal Doctor and I took some time off to be with our human son (H.S) in Iloilo, a small city in the region of Western Visayas, Philippines.

While HS was having his midmorning nap, I sneaked outside to investigate a suspicious looking hole I saw earlier at a vacant lot outside of our house.

"Oh nooo! Not again?! Apparently, one of the stray dogs in our street had given birth to a litter of seven puppies.

While the adult strays have adapted well to a life on the edge, dining al fresco in the garbage bins and getting free lodging accommodations underneath parked vehicles, the puppies were too young to be exposed to such precarious living conditions.

I had temporarily created an enclosure to prevent the puppies from wandering off the street and getting crushed by speeding vehicles. But my mind was racing. The Animal Doctor and I were taking the first flight back to Manila in less than twenty four hours. If I had some brilliant strategy that will forever change the lives of these puppies, I better come out with it quick!

How about my Mother? She is probably the last person who will ever neglect an animal. She supported my pets ( including the ones i picked up from the street) back when I was not yet earning my own keep. But I had a gut feeling that she was prepared to freak out the moment I propose to add seven more puppies to our already nine-dog household. Since HS came along, my Mom has been telling me to focus on myself and my family, and for once, FORGET about dogs!

By night time, when it was almost clear to me that the puppies will grow up into strays themselves, I saw our portable kennel gathering dust in the garage... I knew what I had to do. The thought had been dancing at the back of my mind since morning.

That night while I was packing my things, my Mom volunteered to drive me to the airport.
Oh-Oh. "No, no, I'll just take a cab", I hastily told her.

In the morning, while I was finishing my coffee and getting ready to leave, she again insisted to drive me at least to the gate of our subdivision where I could flag for a taxi.
At this point, I was near wilting. I did not want my Mother to discover what I was bringing to the Airport other than my traveling bag. "Oh please, don't bother. Besides its still dark outside, go back to bed." I pleaded.

But she tailed me up to the gate of our house and caught our helper in the very act of lifting the portable kennel carrying seven live squirming puppies inside the taxi. I saw my mother's jaw dropped but before any sound could escape her throat, I waved goodbye. "I just had to do this." was what i told her in earnest.

With the Animal Doctor's help, I was able to pass through airport security and quarantine without any glitch. I had expected the worst, considering airports' rigid policies concerning the transport of live animals.

At 8:00 AM, our plane touched down in Manila. The first thing I did upon disembarking was to check on the pups while their portable kennel was being unloaded from the cargo hold of the plane. Except being smeared in poop, the pups were alright and ready for their big adventure.

Manila here we come!

Right now, we are taking care of the puppies, but our ultimate goal is to find suitable and qualified foster parents for them. Mag aso ay hindi biro. Having a pet is a big responsibility. Considering that even expensive purebreds can be victims of neglect or abandonment by some humans, a mongrel should only be reared by someone with a deep sense of compassion and respect for all animals, regardless of breed, physical attributes or market value. These people do not acquire pets solely for the fulfillment of certain needs (like companionship or security) but also because of a desire, commitment, or dedication to uplift the life of an animal, to free it from pain and suffering.

Please, take a look at these pups and see if you can have a teeny-weeny space for one of them in your heart.

" I can be your baby..."

"I'll scare the robbers away with my big bark! "

" I can warm your lap..."

" I can hold your hand when you're sad..."

"At the end of the day, when you're tired and achy, I'll give you my brightest smile.
I will be your best friend for all time"

"I'll give you a job, spoil me"

"Will you take me to your home?"

If you think you are the One, please contact us:

Clinic Phone:
02 5711130

Mobile Phone:
+63 9282518554 ( The Secretary)
+63 9209163248 ( The Animal Doctor)



  1. How can I adopt one of those 'lil doggies?
    Are they in your clinic?

  2. hi doc,

    this is joy feliciano. we talked earlier on the phone about the puppy adoption. please email me the forms at or

    my hubby and i would like to get a pup or two sana. i kinda like the 1st and the 5th pictures if available pa sila. but we'll see when we visit them na lang kasi meron din vibes yan. depends if the pups will respond positively to us

    anyways, we'll wait for your email soon.

    thanks and sana there are more people like you.

    joy feliciano

  3. Hi Deedee,
    Thanks for asking about the Aspin pups. All of them were adopted last Saturday ( we decided to keep one) but there are still more homeless animals out there waiting to be adopted. You may want to check out Shelter animals at Thanks!

  4. Hi Deedee,
    Thanks for asking about the Aspin pups, but they were already adopted last Saturday ( we kept one). But there are still thousands of homeless animals out there waiting to be adopted. Please check them out at


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