Saturday, 5 April 2008

Survivors: CPV



Cheers! Our patients B and P were released and fetched by their respective pawrents today after a week long confinement at Greenwoods Pet Clinic due to Canine Parvo Virus(CPV).

CPV attacks either the heart or stomach of very young animals. In the severe form of the disease, where no treatment is administered, the animal dies between 48-72 hours due to dehydration, secondary bacterial infection ( especially sepsis or blood poisoning which results when bacteria from the intestine leaks into the bloodstream) and organ failure.

B and P contracted the disease before their succeeding booster shots could be administered. It should be noted that the first shot of vaccine for puppies does not readily confer protective immunity from the disease, hence the need for three or four booster doses that will increase the level of antibodies produced by the animal.

It is a good thing that B and P's pawrents were watchful for the tell tale signs that something was wrong with their pets. P was brought to our Clinic because he had not been eating for three days. It turns out, he tested positive for CPV.

B too was not eating, but at least he was active so the Animal Doctor just performed a stool exam and found some living things ( amoeba) in B's stool under the microscope. B was made to stay in the Clinic over night because the Animal Doctor wanted to rule out Parvo or some other puppy diseases since B only had one shot of vaccine and was brought from a pet shop where he may have co-mingled with pets of various origins.

The following morning, B was not his old self. He was so sick he would not even wag his tail when we greeted him. The Animal Doctor immediately took out his CPV test kit, and lo, a positive result came out.

The two pups were put on drip and given medications, one of which is Canglob-P which provides immediate supply of antibodies to help an already infected dog fight off the disease-- like an instant vaccine. The thing is, Canglob-P works against the virus but not against the secondary bacterial infection that may have already set in. Thus, if given late in the disease process, the dog could still die.

Its very heartwarming to see our young patients regain their strength and eagerness to explore the outside world again when, days before this, they have laid weakly in their cribs, their little bodies suffering from all kinds of pain that they could not even complain to their Doctor.

While we thank God for letting two creatures return alive and well into their homes, we pray for this new patient who came in late in the afternoon today. This pup suddenly stopped eating two days ago and has been vomiting. Upon presentation, he is very weak and his gums are notably pale. He tested negative for CPV but is positive for intestinal parasites. The Animal Doctor is still to rule out other diseases.

Dear God, please keep watch over this poor puppy.

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