Monday, 7 April 2008

Moy-Moy's Tail of Mystery

I did not see IT coming. It was just one of those late afternoon when the Assistant and I would go for a walk and have our man to man talk when, all of a sudden, without any warning, IT attacked!

IT- some kind of monster maybe- lives at the base of my tail and teases me, "Moy-Moy has no willy, Moy-Moy has no willy" over and over again. Grrrrr! Frankly, its not so much what the monster ( if it really is a monster) is saying that ticks me off, rather its the sound it makes, like a gazillion gnats singing their national anthem in unison inside my ear. So before I know it, I am already chasing after my tail like an idiot. People who have seen me this afternoon may think just that without hearing my explanation.

The Secretary thinks I need a dog whisperer-- what is that?

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