Wednesday, March 4, 2009

You're Fired!

Yes, I fired a client today.

Just because we are in the service industry does not give our clients any right to treat us like slaves. They go to our office obviously because we have something they don't have; and we are willing to give it to them because they give us business in return. Our relationship should be based on mutual respect. Whoever invented the joke that a customer is always right was definitely not a dog.

Anyway, this client I shall hide in the name of Vile Woman or Ms. V. W had a run in with the Secretary last year. Our poor Secretary was enjoying a vacation from her job as a bank lawyer and was then assisting our groomer when Ms. V.W walked in with her two very dirty and severely matted shih tzus.

Upon seeing and feeling the dogs' tight, monstrous matts, the Secretary decided that dematting was out of the question. She felt it an atrocity to let pets endure this stressful procedure when it could be prevented by simply brushing the coat daily.

But Ms. V.W did not want any hair cut done with her dogs. She scoffed at the Secretary, claiming that her previous groomer could detangle the matts, so what's the big deal here? Maybe you don't know how to groom a dog? Your office is just new right? Oh, the rudeness and nastiness of this client. The Secretary tried to bear the insults and thought of just giving what the client wanted.

But more than thirty minutes passed and our groomers were not even halfway in separating the matts which were all over the dogs' body and close to their skin. The dogs were already tired and the Secretary could not get over Ms. V.W's rudeness. Thats it! She cried, grabbed the phone and called V.W and told her to pick up her dogs because the groomers could not deliver the service she wanted. Plus, the Secretary added in an icy tone: We deserve some respect too.

V.W angrily told the Secretary that she had already wasted V.W's time and that the groomers should finish the job, whatever the style. The Secretary thought it would end at that, but when V.W came to pick up her dogs, she lashed out at our groomers. This time, the Secretary fought back. She told V.W that she had no right to make her pets suffer nor insult the groomers for her own negligence. To highlight her performance, the Secretary returned the client's money, telling her that there are things far worth keeping than money, and that is a person's dignity!

V.W stormed out our office and swore that she will never ever come back. Well, you think this
is the end of the whole hullaballo, don't you? Oh, but more than a year later, the two shih tzus were brought back but this time by another family member. The Animal Doctor and the Secretary were out, and no one remembered this particular client. After the dogs were groomed, the Animal Doctor got a call from V.W's daughter and husband and they were complaining that their dogs still had ticks after being groomed in our office!

The Animal Doctor explained to them that as disclosed in our services menu, basic grooming includes bath, trim, nail trimming and ear cleaning only. Removal of ticks is another type of service and the owner has to buy the anti-flea and tick application from our pharmacy.

The client did not believe this and kept on ranting how our service sucked and they wanted their money back. The Animal Doctor did not prolong his agony and told them they can have their money back.

What made the Animal Doctor really, really upset is that this abusive client stole another opportunity to strike. So I, Trudis, resident pet of Greenwoods Pet Clinic, hereby officially kick V.W and the entire Vile family out of our clinic. They will never be allowed to enter here for as long as I'm awake. And should I sleep on my job, here's someone who will stand in for me.

"Now, who's the badass?"

This is Pusit, the new kitty we rescued. She is living at the Pet Clinic with our office staff. Her business is making stink bombs out of her poop. I'm seriously considering ordering a box full to be delivered to the Vile Family's residence. But the Secretary said, I could go to prison for that. Should I believe her?

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Update on Woody

Do you remember Woody, the puppy we fostered? A couple of weeks ago, she visited our pet clinic for her booster shots, but the Animal Doctor found out that she had hookworms and must be treated first.

The Secretary, however, noticed something else. First of all, the Secretary already sensed something wrong when Woody's dad blurted our their reasons for adopting Woody- that they wanted to teach their children not to be afraid of dogs. But she forced herself to be optimistic, hoping all the best for Woody.

Now seeing Woody for the first time since her adoption, the Secretary's heart sank. Her doubts were confirmed. Woody is sad, so unlike the happy, carefree puppy we had raised her to be.

The Secretary had to think and act quickly. It was Valentines Day, which may be the only best time to defend a losing proposition with the Animal Doctor.

The Animal Doctor's Valentine gift to the Secretary

YAY! The Animal Doctor made a call to Woody's new family and within a few minutes, we got her back for good! Look how happy she is to be with us.

There are now seven of us ( 6 dogs and 1 cat) living in our Mimosa House and we know how hard it is for our Secretary to take care of us, especially that the 'conomy is not doing good and people are losing jobs. But we shall not think of these things for now...what matters is that we all are together loving and caring for each other. And we know that if pray real hard and cross our paws that we will be alright, we will be!

Our Dogs in Iloilo City