Sunday, March 1, 2009

Update on Woody

Do you remember Woody, the puppy we fostered? A couple of weeks ago, she visited our pet clinic for her booster shots, but the Animal Doctor found out that she had hookworms and must be treated first.

The Secretary, however, noticed something else. First of all, the Secretary already sensed something wrong when Woody's dad blurted our their reasons for adopting Woody- that they wanted to teach their children not to be afraid of dogs. But she forced herself to be optimistic, hoping all the best for Woody.

Now seeing Woody for the first time since her adoption, the Secretary's heart sank. Her doubts were confirmed. Woody is sad, so unlike the happy, carefree puppy we had raised her to be.

The Secretary had to think and act quickly. It was Valentines Day, which may be the only best time to defend a losing proposition with the Animal Doctor.

The Animal Doctor's Valentine gift to the Secretary

YAY! The Animal Doctor made a call to Woody's new family and within a few minutes, we got her back for good! Look how happy she is to be with us.

There are now seven of us ( 6 dogs and 1 cat) living in our Mimosa House and we know how hard it is for our Secretary to take care of us, especially that the 'conomy is not doing good and people are losing jobs. But we shall not think of these things for now...what matters is that we all are together loving and caring for each other. And we know that if pray real hard and cross our paws that we will be alright, we will be!


  1. Hi, Trudis!
    You are so right!
    We need to be positive!
    Glad you have Woody back!
    I know she is happy with you all!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  2. Woody is lucky to be back with you. The pup looks happy indeed!


  3. Hello Secretary,

    What a lovely, heartwarming story. Woody is incredibly lucky and looks SO happy. You are good people.

    I'm sure you'll do okay with feeding the extra mouth. And you'll be getting value for money - you can't put a price on doing the right thing. The love that Woody gives you makes it a great investment.

    lots of love,

    Jasper xxx

  4. Hurrah for woody! I'm so excited he's back with you!

  5. It's so sad when animals get adopted for all the wrong reasons and then end up unhappy. So glad you were able to intervene and get Woody back where he truly belongs, I'm sure you will be ok, good things come to those with good hearts,

    Ben xxxx

  6. I am SOOOO SOOOOO So Very Glad that Woody is back with you! Woody will be so happy with you again. You are the best!

  7. You are really modern day heroes who truly care and love thru real actions, sacrificing even material expenses. I admire you all so much for what you are doing. the world really needs more people like you! This blog is so heartwarming I couldn't help but cry when I read it.


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