Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Billion dollar dogs

Do you remember them?

Some of you doggies correctly guessed that we rescued these puppies and brought them in our animal clinic for rehabilitation. Aside from being underweight and malnourished, they had amoebiasis and fungal skin infection. They were treated, dewormed, vaccinated, groomed, and given all the works at Greenwoods Pet Clinic.

Blaze, the only boy in the trio, had his boy bits removed by the Animal Doctor. Just like Moy-Moy hihihi. This is the second time that the Animal Doctor performed early age neutering and like the first, there was practically no down time! Blaze was up and about a few minutes after his minor operation, and his tiny incision did not bother him at all.

After Animal Doctor's job was done, the puppies were transferred to our house in Mimosa Street where they underwent another kind of "treatment". The puppies were very scared of hoomans. Just the sound of hooman voices made them tremble and scamper for dear life. They would hide all day and would not even care for a round of bitey face with me.

The Secretary suspected that the puppies have experienced cruelty from hoomans in the past, so she gathered all hoomans and four legged in our house and draw up a plan. Each of the hoomans had a task to perform such as feeding the puppies, getting them used to cuddles and strokes, bathing them. I Trudis must engage them in play daily.

Now, see the difference.

Even a mongrel can look and feel like a billion dollar dog.

Next time, I will tell you about their adoption.


  1. They look GREAT! You all did a wonderful job making them feel at home with a real loving family :-)

    Shelly & Tommy

  2. hi trudis...

    we are so proud of you and everyone for taking care of these dogs... they truly look like billion dollar dogs now..

    the one with the pointed ears looks a lot like our Y.Y.

    drooly kisses,

    Aki and Poopie

  3. WOW ! They look so healthy now ! Looking GReat !

  4. Geeze those puppies look great! You did a good thing! Now if you could help me get out of this nuthouse, that would be nice too. I work all day! It's Tosca Do This! Tosca Do That! I can't even get a lousy biscuit without Doing Something. She wants me to paint the utility room! I have a cat hairball! I could like hang out in the doc's office and greet everybody and stuff. I don't need much! My own room, TV tuned to Animal Planet 24/7, premium food, duckies, my own entrance and I'm all set! Ok ok, I honk and groan a lot, but it's endearing!

  5. Hi Trudis!
    Wow! What a difference. Great job! Now they can find furever homes and live happily ever after.

  6. Hi, Trudis!
    What a difference!
    They look so happy!
    You and your family have done a wonderful job with them!
    Kisses and hugs


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