Monday, 16 February 2009


Aside from me, Trudis, taking over our blog ( most of it, at least), another new thing for us this 2009 is Scarlet.

Last year, the Secretary was unsure if she could handle the big responsibility of adopting a special needs dog. She still hoped that Scarlet's owner would have a change of heart and commit to Scarlet's care, or that qualified adopter would come along.

Now, Scarlet is officially a member of our family!

This wheelchair took almost forever to construct( I told the Secretary to let a professional handle it), but now that it is up and running, we noticed that Scarlet's forelimbs are too deformed and weak to carry much of her body's weight. The wheelchair, though, is useful for keeping her bum-bum dry and when she has to take a break from lying on her tummy for a long period of time.

Scarlet: " Care for some bitey face, Bambi?"

Scarlet: "You're not playing fair, Jappy!"


  1. Scarlet is at the best home she could dream of!
    I am sure her wheelchair is helping her a lot!
    Good job fixing it for her!
    Kisses and hugs

  2. The Secretary did a GREAT job with that wheelchair!! Scarlet is sure a lucky dog to be getting such good care. She's even smiling in her picture, which we're glad to see. I'm sure the smile has a lot to do with becoming a part of your wonderful family.

    Teddy and T-man Angel

  3. hi TRUDIS. thanks for visiting my blog. i am always so happy to make new friends!
    ciao, Dre

  4. The wheel chair is a great thing! I'm glad to see she can relax and not be all wet! I think the wheel chair is quite endearing!

  5. The chair looks super! And in a sporty blue, too :-) We just think you're the best for taking in Scarlet and all of her "needs". She really is a special girl. :-)

    Shelly & Tommy

  6. Fantabulous job on the 'wheelchair'! Scarlet looks really pleased!

    You're all doing a GRRR-eat job too finding puppies good homes!

    Lots of Licks and Wags,

    Tuffy of Dog Woods

  7. scarlet you are so precious... i hope, if anything, taht your bad booboos disintegrate into thin air.. you are a very beautiful and gentle girl whose bark i'd love to hear one day...

    i could not have imagined for you to be in some other place but be with mommi and trudis and co.

    we will always be thinking of you and praying that you will recupperate really fast so you can live normal life now..

    we love you so much! stay strong okay? we'll visit you again soon!


    drooly kisses,

    Aki, Poopie and Manang

  8. Thanks for stopping by. It is so insprational reading your blog. Uncle Ron has a doggie that got paralized and he made him a cart and he runs around as good as anything other doggie of the 15 Uncle Ron has. There are several posts about Teddy in his cart in my blog. Just like Molly...they are roll models to us all.

    Mona & the Mommy too!!

  9. franz schneiderJanuary 29, 2010

    Grr!! Got teary eyes after reading life story and pictures of scarlet.. T.T

    i envy the secretary.. i want to meet the secretary someday.. a true hero for animals..

    got two pets and they are native pinoy dogs.. i would say that both of them are rescued because when i got sparkee, a kind, quite puppy back in 2002, he was given table scraps and those called "kaning baboy", he was the only living sibling left. the others did not made it. Sparkee got terribly sick in 2007, he had erlikiosis, so much blood was drained, we had him rushed to the hospital. Tears fall and our hope that he will make it through the night. He was 50-50 that time and after a night, he was getting better and after a week, he got out. Man, i can remember how sad the house was when we got home after rushing him at the hospital.. It's like we are not complete.. After that he got better and was strong as a horse.. Pochie arrived, he was just a pup when we rescued him, his mother was kind and gentle.. We managed to rescue both of them but couldn't restrain his mother as if she was the dog of hudini, she always escape from our grills. She was lost and Pochie was left and the only last remebrance of her. Pochie is now turning 2yrs old, this feb2,2010. =) yey! and both of my pets are very loving.. it's like having a grown up kid with sparkee and a child with pochie - soooper active and naughty.. haha..

    hooray to all animal rescuers!
    ...see you at the crossroads.


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