Tuesday, 10 February 2009

What in dog's name?

You cats and doggies must be wondering what got Scarlet all worked up like this.


She goes at these poor stuffies like a reptile on a feeding frenzy, the one I saw on Animal Planet.

Addie sent me these toys all the way from the United States ( Aki, I did not have to go to the post office to claim my package because it was addressed to me, c/o Greenwoods Pet Clinic. )

Last Christmas, Aki and Poopie also sent us toys.
Scarket: Mine!

Thank you very much my friends! I don't mind sharing my toys because I'm a good girl plus I really enjoy watching Scarlet go a little crazy- happy more often.

Special thanks also to Angel T-Man, Teddy, CC-Man and their Mom for sending us a christmas card and to Lorenza and Sweepy for their e-cards, and all the doggies, kitties, hoomans who greeted us during the holidays.

Our friends have been asking about us after some time that we have not resumed blogging. The Secretary is busy with her day job and her nights are devoted to H.S (Human Son) and us furry kids. So, I, Trudis, took matters in my own paws.

See you next time, furriends!


  1. Hi, Trudis!
    I was worried for you all!
    Glad everything is ok!
    I understand sometimes its not easy to be blogging!
    Those toys are pawesome!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  2. Ah Trudis and Scarlet, Welcome back! I was worried about you guys too, glad to see you again.
    Nice pressies from Addie and Aki.
    Kiss and hugs

  3. Happy to see Scarlet enjoying so well deserved toys :-) We think she's the best!

    Shelly & Tommy

  4. Hi Trudis
    Thank you for coming to my bloggie
    You are so very cute. Hope we can be friends.


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