Sunday, 15 February 2009

Another Adoption Story

I promised to tell you about the puppies' adoption, didn't I? Well, first of all, it almost did not happen because the Secretary had grown fond ( again???) of the puppies and had wanted to keep them. The Animal Doctor gave her a "reality check" and presented to her our food and medical bills, and pointed emphatically that she already has too many dogs. Plus, if I may add, she hardly has time to personally attend to my beauty needs.

Thus, the day of the puppies' adoption came.

Blaze was adopted by the Animal Doctor's client, a woman who recently lost her dog due to old age.

Woody, on the other paw, was adopted by a young boy.

And as for Bambi...
The Secretary moved for reconsideration of the Animal Doctor's decision, arguing that Bambi has not completely recovered from the emotional trauma of having been rejected and passed from one household to another.

Bambi had outgrown what little puppy cuteness she had to begin with. Only a person who can see her inner beauty and the purity of her spirit would be able to make a commitment to care and nurture her. The Secretary is not losing hope and constantly prays for a qualified person to show at our door one day. In the meantime, Bambi will stay with us where everyday she is learning not be afraid,

and how a game of bitey face can be extremely fun!


  1. Bambi is so cute and innocent, I pray for Bambi would find the furever home soon.

  2. Blaze and Woody are going to be happy in their new homes!
    I am thinking Bambi is going to be with you forever!
    Bitey face game!!! I'd love to play it!
    Kisses and hugs

  3. Thank you friends for your well wishes for the three puppies.

    We have an update tomorrow. Take care!


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