Saturday, November 13, 2010

Whats up with me, Scarlet

Please click this link to read about the story of Scarlet's Wheels

I am still here! My Kuya Lowie is taking me out for our daily walk.
(Note: "Kuya" is a Filipino word which we use to call an older person or brother to show respect)
I got a little scolding after Mom found out what I did to my my head rest..

A few weeks back, I scared my Mom because I vomitted several times. The Animal Doctor immediately put me on the drip and had me x-rayed to check for foreign bodies in my tummy ( hmm i think they went overboard with this coz the next day I was okay teehee)

Catching some zzzzzzz's

 Around this time last year, Mom embarked on a seemingly impossible mission to get me a wheelchair. We remember with gratitude the love, kindness and compassion of our friends who in one way or another contributed to make my dreams of a wheelchair come true!

Thank you my friends, I miss all you!

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