Wednesday, March 4, 2009

You're Fired!

Yes, I fired a client today.

Just because we are in the service industry does not give our clients any right to treat us like slaves. They go to our office obviously because we have something they don't have; and we are willing to give it to them because they give us business in return. Our relationship should be based on mutual respect. Whoever invented the joke that a customer is always right was definitely not a dog.

Anyway, this client I shall hide in the name of Vile Woman or Ms. V. W had a run in with the Secretary last year. Our poor Secretary was enjoying a vacation from her job as a bank lawyer and was then assisting our groomer when Ms. V.W walked in with her two very dirty and severely matted shih tzus.

Upon seeing and feeling the dogs' tight, monstrous matts, the Secretary decided that dematting was out of the question. She felt it an atrocity to let pets endure this stressful procedure when it could be prevented by simply brushing the coat daily.

But Ms. V.W did not want any hair cut done with her dogs. She scoffed at the Secretary, claiming that her previous groomer could detangle the matts, so what's the big deal here? Maybe you don't know how to groom a dog? Your office is just new right? Oh, the rudeness and nastiness of this client. The Secretary tried to bear the insults and thought of just giving what the client wanted.

But more than thirty minutes passed and our groomers were not even halfway in separating the matts which were all over the dogs' body and close to their skin. The dogs were already tired and the Secretary could not get over Ms. V.W's rudeness. Thats it! She cried, grabbed the phone and called V.W and told her to pick up her dogs because the groomers could not deliver the service she wanted. Plus, the Secretary added in an icy tone: We deserve some respect too.

V.W angrily told the Secretary that she had already wasted V.W's time and that the groomers should finish the job, whatever the style. The Secretary thought it would end at that, but when V.W came to pick up her dogs, she lashed out at our groomers. This time, the Secretary fought back. She told V.W that she had no right to make her pets suffer nor insult the groomers for her own negligence. To highlight her performance, the Secretary returned the client's money, telling her that there are things far worth keeping than money, and that is a person's dignity!

V.W stormed out our office and swore that she will never ever come back. Well, you think this
is the end of the whole hullaballo, don't you? Oh, but more than a year later, the two shih tzus were brought back but this time by another family member. The Animal Doctor and the Secretary were out, and no one remembered this particular client. After the dogs were groomed, the Animal Doctor got a call from V.W's daughter and husband and they were complaining that their dogs still had ticks after being groomed in our office!

The Animal Doctor explained to them that as disclosed in our services menu, basic grooming includes bath, trim, nail trimming and ear cleaning only. Removal of ticks is another type of service and the owner has to buy the anti-flea and tick application from our pharmacy.

The client did not believe this and kept on ranting how our service sucked and they wanted their money back. The Animal Doctor did not prolong his agony and told them they can have their money back.

What made the Animal Doctor really, really upset is that this abusive client stole another opportunity to strike. So I, Trudis, resident pet of Greenwoods Pet Clinic, hereby officially kick V.W and the entire Vile family out of our clinic. They will never be allowed to enter here for as long as I'm awake. And should I sleep on my job, here's someone who will stand in for me.

"Now, who's the badass?"

This is Pusit, the new kitty we rescued. She is living at the Pet Clinic with our office staff. Her business is making stink bombs out of her poop. I'm seriously considering ordering a box full to be delivered to the Vile Family's residence. But the Secretary said, I could go to prison for that. Should I believe her?


  1. What vile creatures, they don't deserve to have pets. Good on you for kicking their asses out, just hope someone reports them and gets the dogs out of their (lack of) care now.
    To allow a dog to become that matted is abuse!

    Ben xxx

  2. Hi, Trudis!
    I know some bad words in spanish for that "lady"!
    Glad she was fired!
    Pusit is sooooo cute!
    Kisses and hugs

  3. Wow! good going! we're glad you kicked out the client. Sister works at a clinic- and she said that she feels her clinic should boot some people too.

    There have been too many times the doctors and staff have been humiliated by people who think they are better than them. It's not fair to treat the people who are helping you like absolute dirt. We would never do that to someone else, why do they insist on doing it to us?

  4. Talk about GALL! That free-loading Vile family certainly has it! The Home Health agency my Spokeswoman works for has a "Naughty List" that they keep posted (out of public view, of course) listing the names of people they will NEVER accept back on service ever again! You have to be REALLY horrible to get on the "Naughty List"...but, once you are there, no amount of pleading from yourself or your doctor or anyone else will get admitted back onto service!

    Sounds like you need a "Naughty List" of you own with those two dogs' names, owners, phone numbers, and any other identifying information available listed out for office employees! Further, you ought to call the Vile family up and explain to them that there will NEVER EVER NO MATTER WHAT EVER be another refund made to them and that they are not to ever enter your office again. Sounds to me like they are just working the system for a free ride every time. What jerks!

    If the kitty can't handle them, send the owners my way...I need a new chew toy!!!

  5. Hi there. I came across your blog while reading Butchy & Snickers' (thanks guys!). I just wanted to say - You're right. It's not nice to fire clients, but are those really the types of clients you want in your clinic? Good job Ms. Secretary! I'll pop by again soon. Would you be interested in linking blog sites?


  6. Oh yes, like Ransom said, you should get a Naughty List and post the photos of the dogs (even though it is the humans in the family that are the vile ones) and include their names on the list. That way if the Secretary is not in the groomer's office that day, anyone else who is at the front desk will know not to accept those clients! People do that here in the USA. I've seen the Naughty List in stores.

  7. Yeah! Fire them!
    We honestly providing services for a living but they can't use their money to dictate us.
    My mom works in a hooman hospital, she likes to say : our patients always bring us happiness, some by coming, some by leaving, hehe!

  8. V.W had a taste of Ilongga rage!


  9. hey trudis and co., im inviting you to my birthday pawty this sunday. ill just send over your plane tickets okay? *wink* hope you can come...

    drooly kisses,


  10. Woof!
    Secretary wuz angry methinks.
    Anyhowls, your new blog looks like keeper's. Teehee.

    hanks for your bday greetings and chat!

  11. WOOT! Yay! I think you ALL should put some of your poo in a box and mail it ALL to her!!!

    I'm catching up on your blog - I'm so happy to see Woody with a BIG SMILE! :-) And precious little Scarlet... I want to hug her tight!

  12. i love this entry. its so funny! hehehe

  13. Hi Trudis,

    Our first time in here. Sorry to hear about that bad client. Well, hopefully, this awful situation wont happen again in the future.

    Adele, Vincent & Bella

  14. How're you?
    Gosh, why my mom has to work 5 long days a week and where she works, surfing Internet is like committing a crime. Site block! that's what she gets when she clicks on the external websites! I'm so behind of reading all my favorite blogs!
    Please come pick up your Awards that I love to give to you, love ya lot!

  15. Wow, that vile client sounds horrible! Those poor dogs. It's too bad you couldn't just take them and put them in better homes, but what can you do?

    Congrats to Scarlet on being a permanent part of your home!! She does look happy. So does Woody. You're doing such a good thing.


  16. Yay! We support you in the firing.

  17. Rigel the ShihOctober 24, 2009

    My hooman is also an animal doctor, and across our pad is his clinic. Ive seen nasty hooman too, (poor furry friends for sharing space).

    They demand unreasonably and expect miracles! They pass the blame, when it was their negligence that caused much trouble in the first place.

  18. Good job, Trudis! I hate to say this but there are a lot of humans who don not know how to take care of their pets! Our groomer often suggests to have their dogs shaved not de-matted since it's so time consuming and very stressful to the dogs and to our groomer as well.

    We have a lot of B.S. clients in our clinic. I find them very vile indeed!

  19. Good job, Trudis! I hate to say this but there are a lot of humans who don not know how to take care of their pets! Our groomer often suggests to have their dogs shaved not de-matted since it's so time consuming and very stressful to the dogs and to our groomer as well.

    We have a lot of B.S. clients in our clinic. I find them very vile indeed!

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