Saturday, 27 June 2009

We're back!

Grrr, I can't believe how many times I've said that. In case my blogging buddies missed me, here's a proof that I did not hibernate to Siberia ( where Mr. Googles said I could escape to because my tail is about to combust- it is so hot these days).

I had been supervising the construction of our doggy pad ( well, I was feeling generous and allowed the Secretary to break-open my piggy bank so the roof of our Mimosa house was also repaired).

Our pad was built in the front yard, right outside the peeps dining room to ensure that I still get to smell all the yummy food even if the Animal Doctor kicked us out of the kitchen ( for a minor infraction of pooping and peeing all over the place everyday??? ). The flooring consist of ceramic tiles and the roofing consist of insulation foam tucked underneath galvanized iron sheets.

The entire ground in our front yard was originally topped with ceramic tiles, but the Secretary had to ask the Builder to remove the tiles in one area because I kept slipping from my own pee on the floor. Opps, I wasnt supposed to say that. Anyway, we are all happy with the concrete floor, especially the Secretary who said, "Yay, now I don't have to clean it every thirty minutes!"

Here we are enjoying a lazy sunday afternoon.

My sister Trudis who is a real princess in her previous life- maybe- refuses to lie down in the hard but refreshingly cold floor.

Inside the kitchen, our sister Scarlet is trying to look cute so the Secretary will take her out to play bitey face with us.

While our half sister Pussy O' Wossy could not care less.

We miss our friends, especially Charlie, our friend from Mandaluyong, who said he misses the Secretary. The Secretary had been reading your blogs but kept the smiles and giggles all to herself.


  1. Welcome back, buddies!
    That is a nice apartment for all of you, it's clean and spacious and airy!

  2. Hi, Moy Moy!
    I am so happy to see you all again!
    Your doggy pad is pawesome!
    Here is very hot too!
    Kisses and hugs

  3. ang saya naman...whew.they've all grown too fast...heehee.miss them much.hay.pati na si mig...hmp.:}

  4. Great doggie pad! You have a great Secretary and Animal Doctor!


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