Monday, 12 May 2008

Moy-Moy goes to school

Hiya guys! I have been neglecting my blog duties lately, even Aki Mistui from Cebu, Philippines noticed. Its not because the Animal Doctor had ran out of biscuits ( I don't blog for biscuits, thank you), but because I have been going to school!

Yep, my professor had some time to conduct a Basic Obedience and Agility Training class here in Greenwoods Executive Village every Saturday at 7 o'clock in the morning. The Secretary brings me to class, along with my water jug and my treats.

I watch as my classmates perform.

There is this dog in our class who just couldn't stay still and stop barking. Err, was that me?

Well, cross my paws that I learn to sit, stay and do other things on command after eight weeks!


  1. aki mitsuiMay 13, 2008

    hi there moymoy! how old are you again? :D.. how are you adjusting to you your new brothers and sisters?

  2. That is one gorgeous Moymoy right there. Ang laki mo na ha! :)

  3. BTW, please tell The Secretary that I'm finally posting her wonderful Inquirer article (Lessons from a cat) on my blog tomorrow evening. I hope she doesn't mind. Thanks, Moymoy! :)

  4. Hiya Sherwin! Thanks for saying that I am gorgeous! (The Animal Doctor promised to help me look up "gorgeous" in the dictionary later). Oh, the Secretary is in Iloilo right now, but she already saw your post and is thrilled about it, especiallythat one of your blog readers already contacted us and wanted to adopt one of the puppies. Isnt that great? Thanks to Mefindhome blogspot!

  5. Hiya Aki! Thanks for taking interest in my age, I have been wondering about it myself. You see, I was abandoned when I was a puppy and the (bad) humans did not even bother to leave my birth certificate! The Animal Doctor can only guess my age by looking at my teeth- about six or seven months. I may still be a puppy but I'm all grown up, as you can see.

    Arrgh, the Aspin pups are making me crazy, they want nothing but play, play, play! I tell them big boys like me can't play all day. Don't ya agree?


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