Sunday, 27 July 2008

Waru and his new puppy BFF

It was not long ago when our good friend Albar broke the news that his adult boxer, Waru, was mated for the first time to a pretty boxer gal named Rhea. Fingers and paws were crossed as Waru was born without any littermates- an unico hijo- while his mother never succeeded in getting pregnant again ever since. You bet Albar was brimming with pride when he told us that Rhea had whelped to a litter of seven bouncing boxer puppies in their farm in Tagaytay, Philippines.

Albar decided to bring one of the puppies in Manila to live with Waru who only had Albar for his companion since his own puppy days. Dogs are by nature pack animals, so we were glad that he is to finally have a canine companion even though he had no complaints with Albar.

One of the many things that Albar worried about ( aside from his dog's health of course) was how Waru and Jozu would get along. As mentioned, Waru was used to being alone, or with the company of humans. Albar also worried that Waru, muscular and heavy boned that he is, could easily trample over Jozu and crushed him to a pulp!

With a bit of trepidation, Albar allowed the two to play but was quick enough to separate them when innocent jostling turns to rough housing. Soon however, Waru learned to control his movements and was actually, surprisingly gentle with Jozu. The little pup in turn seemed to have found a sense of security in the company of his father and friend.

Waru and Jozu: Best Friends For Life

(photo posted with the permission of owner)

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  1. AnonymousJuly 29, 2008

    ALBAR: Thanks a lot for the nice write-up about my boys. If only I could let them both read this and see their pics, I'm sure they'd be very much delighted.

    Jozu's growing up very fast. At 6 months of age, he's almost Waru's height albeit his body mass is still a far cry from that of his dad. He's getting to be rather naughty too although his naughtiness doesn't surpass that of his dad Waru when he was a pup.

    I usually have a solo boxer dog with me inside the house. It's practically the first time I came up with the arrangement to have two of them (males who are father and son at that) together. Although Jozu still needs a lot of supervision, I'm beginning to realize it is very possible and enjoyable to have such a set-up. Although boxers are inside-the-house dogs, one needs a lot of patience to discipline and train them to adjust their vigorous movements to cramped quarters.

    More power to you, Ms. Secretary, and to the animal doctor! Thank you once again for featuring Waru and Jozu in your site!


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