Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Charlie, 3

I am gazing at the sky, Charlie
Hoping to find you somewhere
In the jumble of clouds and my wishful thinking...

I grieve for you are gone now, my friend
the little brother that I never had.

~ Kuya Jappy

My friend Charlie
March 26, 2007- April 30, 2010

Our condolences to Charlie's Mom

~from The Animal Doctor's Family


  1. I know Chawlie is up thewe looking down on you wif love, and someday we will all be womping togethew in heaven. Scawlett, you will be leaping and wunning and we'll all be playing ..no mowe pain, no hungew, just love and goodness evewywhewe..I love all of you
    smoochie kisses

  2. Oh, poor Charlie. There's a new star in heaven now. Rest in peace, little one.

    Jasper xxx

  3. Very nice post for Charlie -


  4. Happy, thank you for telling us about Charlie yesterday. Lagi na lang kami late. Pasensya na kasi sadyang mainit at medyo tumatanda na ang inyong abang lingkod... Sumo

    Happy and DrGeoff: Hi, thanks for telling us about Charlie. We really need to get together this year if only to strengthen our bond and love for our canine friends...Lui

  5. Dear Jappy,

    Thank you for thinking about Charlie and our family. This tribute made me cry for the nth time. I will miss Charlie.


  6. Thanks for sharing your beautiful tribute to Charlie.
    I am very sad.
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  7. We were so sorry to hear about Charlie. We didn't know him, but he looked like such a sweetie. What a shock it must have been for his family. Thanks for your beautiful tribute.

  8. Charlie was a beautiful boy. We will miss him.

  9. Happy, I heard you and Charlie's mom and Piappies mom met with my Keeper over lunch yesterday!

    Woof, what about us? When are we furries meeting? And why do I ask when I am the most shy and unsociable creature in this planet?

    Drooly SuperDog

  10. We're very sorry about Charlie. Purrs and tail wags.


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