Monday, 11 February 2008

Moy-Moy plays doctor!

Hiya guys!!! Um, hmm, I cannot remember where I was last Monday so Sherwin, dont ask, okay?

Whew! Am I dog tired! I have been watching The Animal Doctor for quite some time now, that today, while he was sleeping, I decided I am the real animal doctor!

Here I am with my first patient. I go whisper to this doggy's ear: "Where did your willie go?"

No, of course he wont tell, but can you see how sad he is? I had to give him a single dose of Moy-Moy lovin' and told him to come back next week for another check up. ( Maybe then he will tell where his willie went?)

Honestly, I lost count of the patients I saw today, maybe this one is the last?

Nah, this cowbear is dead, there's no heart beat.

Now I know it is very hard to be an animal doctor, especially if you have patients dying on you. I am very sad now so I will be seeing you again next Monday, pups and kitties :( - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more


  1. Pssst! I know where Moy-Moy went last monday. Just put your paw over here .

  2. Um, so where did your patient's willie go, Moymoy???? :)


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