Monday, 10 November 2008

Moy's Favorite Things

Aki ( who is sort of like my brother-in-law since his Manang is my online girlfriend) gave me a letter "B". This is a tagging game where I'm supposed to list my favorite things that start with the given letter. Okay, here goes.

Being a Boy

No offense to my gal pals Lorenza, Poopie, Shelly, Addie, Shantee and my sister Trudis, but being a boy is more fun, in my opinion. So someone took my boy bits out ( Sherwin, I forgive you for laughing at me) but that does not make me less of a boy. I am tough and macho and can be really ferocious especially when someone messes up with my tail.

Bitey Face
Oh, yeah, this is really fun!

This yummy delicacy contains an almost developed baby duck or chicken inside. I am sorry if my eating this upset some people.

I just luv, luv, luv the real ones.

This is what I look forward every morning. I get so excited that I have to supervise the Assistant as he prepares my breakfast.

I found a quicker way to digest my bed time stories.

Well, my face says it all.

My first ever Buddy Marshall
I have a lot of buddies, but Marshall is the first friend that I ever had while growing up. He taught me all the rules in being a boy and I thank him for it. I miss my best bud, we rarely see each other these days because he is not internet savvy like me.


  1. Great B list!

    I love learning more about my friends!


  2. Hi, Moy!
    I like your B things!
    I can see many of them are related to food! Yummy!
    Kisses and hugs

  3. i never knew you liked balut moy.. those were good B's.

    umm... have you taken a bath already? manang will be in manila this pm until wed to sniff the dog out of you.. hehe

    drooly kisses,


  4. Hi Moy,
    Don't worry, you'll always be a boy, even without your "bits". Those are good B choices!

    T-man Angel


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