Saturday, 8 November 2008

Our Vacation, Part I

Thank you, friends, for greeting our human baby on his second birthday. We threw a nice little party for him while vacationing in Iloilo City, with an elephant and a penguin as guests of honor.

Miggy's best friends:
Mambo(penguin) and MingMing (elephant) posing with Miggy's cake.

Some of the food that the grown-ups feasted on.

Bruschetta with sundried tomatoes and balsamic vinegar with a blanket of mozarella cheese.

Alfredo sauce, parmigiano reggiano, bacon, and mushrooms on a bed of spinach flavored fettuccine pasta.

Aki's Manang gave this cute little stuffie to Miggy. Thank you Manang!

Stay tuned for our next vacation story!


  1. Miggy is so cute!

    The cake and food look very tasty!

  2. wow... The Secretary sure whipped up lots of delish goodies.. yum yum...

    We are gald baby Miggy liked Tigger.. we were hoping it would be er.. a Pooh Party.. hehe.. guess our source was not as reliable.. BOL..

    drooly kisses,

    Aki, Poopie and Manang

  3. Happy Birthday Miggy!!! Wow, 2 years! Seems like yesterday.

    To the Secretary, the pasta looks yumm-o! I miss your cooking!


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