Monday, 10 March 2008

Moy-Moy Plays Soldier

Ever since the Secretary told me about that English prince who is in Arfghanistan serving the army, I have become a very serious Moy-Moy wanting to quit my silly-puppy days and be a real dog, like one of those kick ass, bomb sniffing K-9 I see in the news, you know what I mean?

Someone took me out for a walk early this morning so I decided to start my self-training.

I am surveying the parameter, sniffing the air to determine if an enemy may have infiltrated our immediate surrounding last night.

Hmm, someone is cooking a very nice breakfast.

Okay, I've cleared the perimeter. You can open the clinic now.

Time for me to eat breakfast, with my other eye on the look out of course, just like a real soldier.

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