Sunday, 9 March 2008

We signed up for PPP!

Sometimes we get clients from the low income bracket-- ordinary wage earners who, despite their hand to mouth existence, desire animal companionship. I can sense their genuine love for their pet because they even manage to bring the animal to our clinic and visit every day ( unlike some rich people who can't even be bothered). Its just that they come to us with no money, hoping to be billed only for consultation fees. Unfortunately and especially with Parvo cases, the animal patient needs to be confined for as long as a week and the whole thing ( confinement, medicines,post exposure vaccination, etc) cost between P5,000 to P8,000.

But how do you say no to a very sick animal who stares at you with his puppy eyes? How do you send him home to die?

My pleas for the Animal Doctor to take the animal as an indigent patient had been working fine until recently, with the rising cost of commodities and electricity, I saw him wince. I am afraid that I might put the Animal Doctor out of business soon.

Good thing I stumbled into this website that told me I could earn from being a V.O.P ( very opinionated person). Like what its name says, Payperpost will get bloggers paid by posting an opinion in their blog about an advertiser's website, products and services.

Seems cool huh? I wasted no time and signed up in order to get paid to blog . This is my first post opportunity which is offered at $20 or about Philippine Peso 800.00. Hehe. What am I going to do with that extra cash?

( Clover was left here two weeks ago with symptoms of kennel cough. She recovered after treatment but bit the Assistant which cost Greenwoods Pet Clinic nearly P20,000 for post exposure rabies vaccination. We are still hoping his owner would pick him up because sad to say, our clinic has limited space and resources to take in homeless or abandoned animals)

1. Pay for Clover's vaccination - P350.00
2. Pay for Clover's medicines - P300.00
3. Save for Indigent Animal Patients Fund - P150.00
Total - P800.00

I'm crossing my fingers that my first post is approved.

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