Thursday, 6 March 2008

We are back!

This is Pussy sneaking in to apologize to our readers because we have not been blogging for weeks. My Mum was very busy taking care of the H.S who was pooping watery stuff and throwing up his milk non stop. I did not think it was Parvo because he was not brought to that room where sick doggies stay in our clinic. Instead, I saw my Mum leaving the clinic with the H.S one early morning, along with the other humans, and did not come back for several days ( leaving me with the Assistant who provided me food and water but no entertainment, phooey!)

When they returned, my Mum showed me this photo of the H.S with his Nana. I got very jealous that Mambo ( the one in a penguin costume) was brought along, and I wasnt. My Mum told me that I wouldn't not have liked it anyway because where they went were humans in white costumes who would poke and prick the H.S' paws every so often- that the sight of the H.S bawling in pain would have terrified me. Duh???

The H.S is back home now and seems to be okay so you can expect regular blogging to resume soon, even that of Moy-Moy's (the poor guy still could not figure out what happened to his willy!)

P.S. I am still mad at my Mum for letting the pretend penguin be H.S' best friend,

when I, Pussy O'Wossy is just as good, especially that I am real!

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