Monday, 20 October 2008

The Secretary needs some Talk-N-2

Hi every dog, cat and hooman. I am doing a quick post, first, to let you all know that I, Trudis, am pawfectly fine if you missed me on Monday. The Secretary did it again- fell asleep in the middle of my dictation- the nerve of that woman! Apparently, she had another hangover from watching Disney Cartoon Marathon last Sunday.

You are not taking this job seriously, are you???

And second, Benji, my real sister ( we have the same dog-mother) is sick. She was adopted by a client of the Animal Doctor's when we arrived here in Metro Manila. Like me, she has a habit of chewing things, hers are paint off the walls and rusty metals. Benji is very hardheaded and would not listen to her hooman. The Animal Doctor did some tests and found out she has ARF- I dont know if this has got to do with her bark but I can sense that she is very very sick. I am worried about my sister, please send good vibes to her, will you?

- A very worried Trudis

The Secretary's Note: The Animal Doctor diagnosed Benji with Acute Renal Failure( ARF) and the prognosis is not so good, like with most renal cases. The Clinic does not have a dialysis machine, so the Animal Doctor had Benji on slow but continuous IV drip and diuretics to flush out the toxins from her body. He is also giving her additional medications to prevent complications and fluid imbalance. I've never seen him in such a tough balancing act with other medical conditions. The good thing is, Benji's creatinine levels droped from 400 to 250 after three days, and her phosphorus and potassium levels are not that bad. However, her red blood cells might be falling. Fingers and paws crossed.


  1. Benji, we have all of our paws crossed here for you to get better soon!

    Trudis, we are glad that you are doing good!

    Trudis and Benji, you are both adorable!

  2. You gave us good and bad news.
    Glad Trudis is doing so well.
    My mom is praying and I have my paws crossed for Benji! I hope she gets better soon!
    I know you will do everything possible for her!
    Kisses and hugs

  3. at first, i thought Benji was moymoy..

    oh, trudis we are a mixed up puppy today. we are so glad you are doing okay and looking rather pretty, but we also feel bad about your sister's ARF.

    we are sending lots of love and healing thoughts for her speedy recovery.

    For Moymoy:

    ummm... since today is about benji, how about the letter 'B'?

    good luck and we missed you guys.

    drooly kisses,


    pee-ees. here's a little trick that i've learned. when the secretary falls asleep next time, rouse her silly with a big, wet, drooly kiss. that will kick her out of neverland in no time :D

  4. I'll keep my fingers crossed that Benji shows improvement. She looks sad and scared in that picture..can you blame her? I just hope she listens to her humans from now on. Sometimes they're actually right!

    Oh my, Disney marathon madness would give me a hangover too!! You must have a high endurance for lots of TV. I remember you said you watched all seasons of House in one weekend. I can hardly imagine trying that!! :)

    T-man's mom, CC-man and T-man Angel

  5. Oh dear, myself, and Bonnie the dog are keeping our fingers/paws crossed that all will be ok with little Benji. What a worry.

    Millie & Bonnie :)

  6. Oh Trudis... your sister is beautiful, even if she doesn't look quite as chipper as she should :-) I hope she gets better FAST; but I have a good feeling about it, since she's in such good hands!

    Oh, and if the secretary falls asleep you must yell VERY LOUDLY and NOT STOP until she wakes up. That's what I do, and it really works! Especially at 2 in the morning - she jumps right out of bed WIDE AWAKE! And then she starts yelling too, so it's a big yelling party with everyone alert for quite a while! Fun!


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