Tuesday, 29 September 2009


This is the Secretary thanking everyone who have been concerned of our situation in the midst of the devastation happening in our country. For someone who has been shielded all her life from calamity, the past three days have been surreal for me that I did not have the knee jerk reaction to blog about it.

We are safe inside our house, the flood missed it by a foot thanks to the elevated flooring. But the dog's pad was not spared. But then, in the middle of the raging typhoon last Saturday, we have already relocated the dogs one by one to the Pet Clinic where the ground is higher.

For two days, we had no electricity, telephone lines or mobile phone signals. We had no contact with the outside world. Our food supply, toiletries, and batteries were dwindling. In order to access the main high way leading to commercial areas, the residents in our subdivision had to pass places where the water was chest deep. We were trapped inside our homes.

On the second day of the power outage, when our ice supply started to drop, the Animal Doctor and our assistant veterinarian decided to brave the flood to bring the vaccines and other biologicals to a nearby village which had electricity. It took them close to six hours to and fro. On their way, they spotted dead dogs floating in the water.

On Monday, when the electricity came back, I saw on national television how far worse the disaster was . Over a hundred people died. Many are still missing. I saw people trapped inside their homes with no food and water. Poor people, rich people, calamity does not choose. When I saw animals trapped, my heart cried out. So many people still needed rescuing, I would risk condemnation if I would even as much plea for the government to help animals too.

I have not been able to go to work for two days now. The flood is not subsiding. I have been accustomed to the comforts of life. But today, when the Animal Doctor rode a large dump truck to get out of the subdivision to replenished our supplies, we had to stick to the basics~rice, canned goods, coffee, sugar, toiletries~ things that he could carry back.

I apologize to all our blogger friends if we cannot visit your blog for a while. I will have to wade in the flood to go to the Pet Clinic where we have internet connection. The is what I saw when I came here this afternoon.

Life is so short and fragile, that's what I learned from all these. Everything can be taken away from you in a glimpse. Lets all hug our loved ones today.


  1. I'm glad everyone is OK. We were thinking about you and worrying.

    It's so sad about the people and doggies (and other animals) who didn't survive. I hope some kind souls can help those animals who are trapped if the government won't help.

    We really do need reminders of how fragile our lives are. Thanks for letting us know that you're ok.


  2. We are thinking of you at this difficult time and hope the floods subside soon.
    Warmest wishes from all of us

  3. Paws crossed everything goes back to normal soon!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs


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