Tuesday, 15 September 2009

A wheely dream

Its me Scarlet with some exciting news! The Secretary sent out several applications for financial assistance from non profit organizations based abroad, with the hopes of getting me a functional wheelchair this time. Today we got an email from a volunteer at Labrador Life Line who said she will present our application to the Board. We know the state of the 'conomy these days so our expectations are not very high, but we consider ourselves lucky that the LLL would even consider helping a dog from the Philippines.

I wasted no time digging for photos in our post archives because I need to submit several recent photos of myself, along with my health record. Please cross your paws!

This is how I ended up at Greenwoods Pet Clinic...

When I was a little pup, I hurt my feet. Next thing I know, my legs stopped working. Then other parts of me stopped working too, specifically, my poop machine.

Fast forward to the day when the Animal Doctor and his wife, the Secretary, took me home to live with them. My original mom and dad decided they could not take care of Scarlet anymore.

My new family took care of me-

and my special needs.

The Secretary even made me a wheelchair from scratch ( unfortunately it didn't work). Since the Animal Doc operated on me, I have been regularly making poopies, but my legs remained busted. My front legs followed suit. I could not even use them when the Secretary tries to "walk" me with a towel placed under my tummy. The Animal Doc said I need to see a veterinary specialist, but I know the Secretary has just enough money to feed me and my brothers and sisters ( there are 20 of us dogs and kitties that she adopted).

So I try to be happy lying on my tummy all day long

With my toys

and pig's ears-

in my soft, comfortable bed.

But whenever I hear my brothers and sisters playing outside, I feel this urge to hurl myself out of our kitchen door...

So I could play with them,

In a game of bitey face or two.

And run so fast and free,

just like how I remember it in my puppy days.
I would give anything to be able to run again.

Dear God in DogHeaven,

Please, pretty please make my dreams of a wheelchair come true.


  1. Hi, Scarlet!
    I wish with all my heart you get your wheelchair!
    I know you are a happy girl but having it will make your life easier!
    Paws crossed for you!
    Kisses and hugs

  2. Scarlet,
    You look so happy in your home. You know, you're a very lucky dog to have met the Animal Doctor and the Secretary. They take such good care of their pups and have very big hearts.

    I hope you can get your wheelchair. We'll keep our paws, fingers and wings crossed here for you.


  3. Tell your momma and dadda to open a PayPal account and put a DONATION button on your blog so people can use their PayPal accounts to donate to your medical needs. You'd be surprised how generous people are when someone as precious as your are needs their help.

    We are saying prayers that you get your new wheelchair. All dogs need to look at the world on four paws and to run. We will be back...soon.

  4. Awww Scarlet...I hope you get your wheel chair. You're such a sweet girl and you deserve it.


  5. We're all praying for you to get your wheelies. Can't wait to see your pictures running and having the time of your life with your brothers and sisters!

    May God bless you and everyone in Greewood Pet Clinic always! :)

  6. Oh my goodness. This is such a wonderful blog. We will have to take time to read the whole thing.

    About those tennis balls? Don't worry. I am only allowed to have them when momma is right there. I would never have them at all except that if Dexter and I are both out, I take his and he has nothing. Momma has taught me to "drop it" so it is never really in my mouth very long at all. Any toys left around are far too big even for the Mango to swallow.


  7. Ill see if I can drum up support among my dog friends. That beautiful girl breaks mt heart.

    Bless you, seriously.

  8. I am hoping so hard that Scarlet gets her wheelchair ... she's obviously the sweetest pupster, and she deserves it!

    Found you courtesy of Neil at Life With Dogs, via his tweet on Twitter. ;)

    *hugs* to all of you from Oz Girl!
    (that's the land of Oz in Kansas)

  9. Hi Scarlet
    My name is Suzuki and I just wanted to stop by and let you know how brave I think you are.
    I really hope you get your wheelchair. I will keep all my paws crossed fur you.
    Big licks to you

  10. Please visit fosterdogblog.blogspot.com (Walkin' the Bark Rescue) who's fostering Popeye, the dog, who has NO use of his back legs, eventually amputated. Popeye went through SEVERAL wheelchair and finally got doggon wheels which apparantly are an AWESOME vendor.

    Foster Mom of Popeye, is extremely knowledgeable about working with dogs like yours. she's had Popeye for a year and Popeye SERIOUSLY RUNS everywhere on his doggon wheels, on beaches, rought terrain, trails, rocks, you name it, the wheels are awesome. and he's so happy. Please check them out! also google Popeye the Dog, I'm sure you'll see his adoption ad. there's tons of youtube videos of him on his dogon wheels too!

    I hope scarlet gets some wheels. she's so beautiful!

  11. I wish you lots of good luck finding your wheels!

  12. Hello Scarlet,

    My name is Rigel... I am also chewing on pig ears and like them as much as you do.. I am still a small pup and might take me months to finish on it.

    My dad would like to know how your doggie wheels looks like and how much would be needed to get one?

    God bless!



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