Sunday, 27 September 2009

First Update on my wheely dream

Oh, but before that, I have some breaking news. There is a huge flood in Metro Manila, Philippines, where we live, due to Typhoon Ondoy. In low lying areas where the flood reached heights of more than twelve feet, people were rescued from their roof tops, while some were found dead. In our street, the water is knee deep but our hooman's house was spared due to an elevated flooring. Yesterday, Moy, Jappy, Trudis, Bambi and Woody were carried one by one to our nearby Pet Clinic after the flood threatened to enter their doggy pad. Electricity came back just this afternoon, but cellphones still do not have any signal. I'm crossing my paws that the flood will go away soon. I know Trudis hates it very much to live in the Pet Clinic ( I bet she is wailing there right this minute). Most of all, it makes me sad that a lot of hoomans and pets have lost their houses and are in a very difficult situation right now.

For my update - we got another email from the kind lady at the Labrador Life Line. She got my measurements for a full quad wheelchair, and other documents to help her get an approval for my funding. The deal is, if I do get approved( paws crossed!), I will have to shoulder 25% of the cost of the wheelchair. Of course we are already grateful with this arrangement. Better than nothing at all. The Secretary will come up with some ideas how to raise the remaining amount we need. We will appreciate if you have any ideas to share.

I am so grateful for all the doggies who left comments and wished me luck with my wheelchair or gave me helpful information. Life With Dogs told other doggies about me in via Tweeter. Then I also got an email from someone who would like to donate an existing set of wheels for me. The Secretary already emailed her to know if the wheelchair will fit me and will be appropriate for my limitations. Again, paws crossed!

Since today, there was no electricity and I was the only dog trapped with the hoomans inside our house, I got extra pampering. The Secretary massaged my legs and gave me lots of treats. I slept all day and wasnt even scared of the rain.

~ its me, Scarlet


  1. We are so excited about your wheels! You MUST post when they arrive!

    Domi, the therapy dog, has passed to the Bridge this weekend. Our blog contains her last letter to her friends. Please come to visit. It would mean so much to our momma and then go to Domi's blog to offer condolences. Momma is crying a lot today.

  2. oh Scarlet!

    we were thinking about you, Mommy Lilli and the others all morning and yesterday night too!

    we even texted MOmmy Lilli to ask if all you were alright. when we couldnt call, we asked Ate Jenny and was very relieved when she finally said that your Lola (their mom) managed to make contact and you were all alright. *whew!*

    We are ecstatic with this new bit of info. We had been quite busy in the past days, but we are always checking on you for updates.

    we are glad all of you are alright and that your wheely dream is starting to take shape.

    It might be of some interest to you to know that we got included as a finalist for the Philippine Blog Awards! thank you very much for letting us know about it..

    manang might be in Manila again tomorrow night. we hope there wont be any nasty typhoons or depressions.. because we are all too depressed already. :(

    thinking of you always and keeping all our paws crossed for better news!

    your buddies,

    Aki and Poopie

  3. Oh Scarlet, I hope your wheely dream comes true!! Maybe there is a way to set up a funding online so people can donate through PayPal. I'd like to donate to help out.

    I heard about the flooding, and am glad that you are all safe. That is really scary. I'm afraid other dogs might not be as lucky as you are. We'll have to pray for them.


  4. Hi, Scarlet!
    I am so happy to know you all are ok!
    We watched the news and it looked scary!
    Paws crossed for all the people and animals who are suffering!
    I am sure you will get your wheels soon!
    Kisses and hugs


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