Saturday, 26 December 2009

Hungry mouths to feed

Its that time of the year again...our annual streetdog feeding project! YAY.

Preparations are underway,

I made sure to sniff the assorted meats for freshness,


And this is me, relaxing outside with my nanny after we were done cooking. The Secretary took photos of the dogs that we fed using her celphone camera. We will post it tomorrow. Merry Christmas to all!


  1. Hi, Scarlet!
    I am so happy to know you are going to get your wheelies soon! My mom cried reading your news!
    Your Mom is the best doing the Streetdog Feeding Project!
    Kisses and hugs

  2. What a wonderful idea!! I love that all those homeless dogs will get a treat this Christmas. That is a very kind and selfless thing to do to help those doggies. Am looking forward to seeing the pictures!


  3. Hi everyone at the Animal House,

    Merry Christmas! Im glad Scarlet is getting her wheelchair.

    I hope you will get my gift soon. Blame my mommy for sending it late - work related stuff got in the way. Anyway, Thank you very much for the gifts you sent me. I especially love the red bandanna. I've been proudly wearing it since I received it. I think it suits me very well.


  4. Hey Scarlet!

    Those goodies look delicious! Thank goodness you were there to supervise and undertake "quality control procedures" - humans cannot be trusted alone to cook meat to our discerning standards.

    Hope you and yours have a fabulous new year - we're looking forward to lots of pictures of you scooting about on your new wheels!

    And to the Secretary... "Jingle Bells?!" For shame. We expected better from you. ;-)

    love, Jasper x

  5. Merry Christmas Miss Scarlett!

    We can't wait to see your pictures of feasting pups and good deeds. You have such a big heart!

  6. *tears* (that is human Granny crying all over the keyboard again)love you and hope you had the Best Christmas ever....Thanks for all you do for the animals!
    Licks and Wags, Ariel <3

  7. Hi Scarlet!

    My mom is also planning to give this Christmas to PAWS and we are joining to meet other dogs there. My brother and I would like to make friends with you, visit our blog at

    Navy and Hunter


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