Monday, 7 December 2009

A visit from Aki's Manang

Aki's Manang was in Manila last week and dropped by our house. She hand carried her donation for my wheelchair, plus some treats.

"Gimme, gimme!"

Thank you, Manang! Please say hi to Poopie and Koykoy( Aki) for me, I smelled them in your clothes!


  1. Aww! Scarlet you look so cute under the tree. Human Granny will be putting our tree up soon. So happy that you got some treats to Enjoy!
    Keep your chin up.... <3
    Licks and Wags, Ariel <3
    p.s.s still keeping your Wheely Dream in my prayers...<3

  2. :) What a happy baby you are there friend!

  3. Hi, Scarlet!
    Sure it was pawesome to have her at your home!
    Enjoy your toy and treats!
    Kisses and hugs


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