Saturday, 12 December 2009

Remember Pusit? The black kittykat we found wondering in our Pet Clinic and eventually adopted? She was scheduled to be spayed, but a one night stand with a local tom cat led to an unplanned pregnancy.

The Animal Doctor did not want to take any chances this time. Today Pusit was spayed. And so were two of her three kittens.

For the male cats, the procedure is called neutering. It is relatively quicker and less complicated than spaying. The kitties are now up on their feet ten minutes after this photo was taken. Doc Jun, our assistant vet, did not even have to stitch the incision.

Pusit's female kitten will be spayed next week. She's never been outdoors since birth to prevent unwanted pregnancy. We can't wait for the three kittens to start climbing roofs and playing with other cats in Mimosa Street.

Some donors to Scarlet's wheelchair have sponsored two cats and two female cats for spay and neuter. I guess Pusit and her kitties don't count because we adopted them. We will pick sponsored cats from one of the depressed areas here in our community.

~ The Secretary


  1. Pusit is black? She looks torti in that photo. :) Def. not black! unless that's a kitten. :) Your price for neutering/spaying is way cheaper than ours.

    Hope the wheel chair fund is coming along- unfortunately, we don't have any money to spare, with our animals having all kinds of horrible new issues. You can read about all of those at The World of Hansel


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